Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dramatic Dances


Growing up me and my cousins, sister, friends would do the most silly dramatic dances. I even made my barbies do it, if their arm couldn't bend that way, then i'd force it till it broke off. :)
Even in my early 20's living in NYC, our favorite way to entertain each other at home was through various arts (drawing, playing music) - the one burned into memory is our ridiculous modern interpretive dances (depeche mode, leotards, flashlights!).
This is what people did before electricity... they told stories, they played music, they danced and enjoyed the free show. Their body was everything they needed, not the thing they lugged around.
Here are some dances I did to my new favorite singer.... no way could i do her songs justice since, well... they are not typical dance songs.


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Geoff Panek said...

Very sweet. Wonderful extensions! Thanks for that. :)