Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sexy? Root Cellaring

Ok, before I get started talking about how cool & sustainable root cellaring is...
and before i admit I haven't even read the whole book....
is it just me or is this the sexiest little sustainable book picture evah (see below)??? It makes root cellaring seem, downright HAwt!
Seriously! Sexy root cellar building man drawing, with lady drawing helper watching on as she leans on the cellar shelf... their posture! OI!
On the serious side.
This is a neat book, that shows lots of ideas on how to store all your fruits and veggies WITHOUT electricity, aka- no fridge! Aka, post zombie apocalypse. AKA, doesnt matter if the power lines come down in a bad storm. Aka --- I dont Need YOu GrOcerY!
Alot of projects don't require any building, but more of digging and storing things in the ground. Kinda like you are squirrel.
My favorite part that i found in this book is the buried old fridge... no need to plug it in, just bury the thing (after removing a few components) and have the door open at the top like a root cellar treasure chest!!!
(They shoulda put the sexy drawing people in this pic too..... )
Check out this book, HERE.


Oldfool said...

Drawings like this affect me that way too.
I think she is not leaning and observing but more holding and directing her boytoy to drive the nail. See, now you've got me doing it.
I like the idea but have never used a root cellar, When I lived where one would work I didn't have a need. If I dig a root cellar here I get water.

Carol said...

That looks like a "cool" book, Leslie (pardon the pun!). A while back, you asked about recommending some books to read. Have you checked out the "Woodswoman" series by Anne LaBastille? She lived alone in the Adirondacks for many years and wrote several books about her experiences. I really loved her books. Link here:

Jodie said...

Hey Leslie, my name's Jodie, I discovered your blog the other day & seems like we have a bunch of interests in common, especially when it come to healthy, sustainable living.
So I thought I'd share some info with you which I've found really inspiring, hopefully I'm not repeating things you've already heard of/posted about, but I haven't worked my way through your archived posts yet.

Anyways, book wise I'd recommend-

*** 'Water from the sky' & 'Comfort in any climate', both by 'Michael Reynolds' <Brilliant guy, creator of the Earthship, you could check them out too if like, there's a bunch of vids on youtube : ) Strong focus on passive solar, thermal mass, building with recycled materials, grey water systems, etc etc.
*** 'The hand sculpted house', by 'Ianto Evans', 'Linda Smiley' & 'Michael Smith' <Brilliant guide to building with Cob [:D
*** 'Permaculture, a designers guide' by 'Bill Mollison' <Personally I find this one a bit dry, but the ideas & information in it is invaluable.

I'll just quickly mention one of my most favourite people within the world of permaculture, his name is Geoff Lawton, his knowledge & techniques are the best, plus he's got this infectious happiness going on, which I love :P We got one of his DVD's not long ago called 'Permaculture Soils' which I would also highly recommend. So maybe look him up if you're interested : ]

Ok I'd better stop now, I could carry on for days about this stuff, hope I mentioned something useful within that rant : l

All the best to you & animal friends! : )

Teresa Evangeline said...

I have a root cellar with an old fridge inside that the previous owners used. They laid straw on the top and said the potatoes they stored there stayed fine until spring and were very edible.I don't grow enough to require using it now, but in the future I might... zombies and all... :)

I love reading of your adventures. You are one intrepid frontier woman.

Amanda said...

This is pretty interesting. I loved learning from my grandparents how they had food last them the winter in the "old days" on the farm. They told me stories abut storing carrots in sand in a cellar or basement and stuff like that. I would be interested to see what you do with this info :)