Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Oko Box Keyword Challenge (Game and Prize!)

About once a year I take a look at the google keywords people use to find my blog. It never ceases to entertain, amaze, & confuse me, make me LOL... and scare me to find out the little blurbs the other humans out there are typing in that search box - and then somehow getting to The Oko Box Blog!
I have decided we (me and you) will play a lil' game together with these keywords, a fun writing game but before I tell you the game rules and PRIZE here are the keywords::::::::


chicken foot back scratcher
wrist restraints
abandoned mansions frozen in time
beeswax sex lube
boz sluts
buy a eco toilet bugs
creative zen x-fi style cancer and birth defects
diaper transformation

diy halloween cocoon man
forest porn sites
giant mosquito for sale
hawt wings mystery box
how to paint a witch
in my undies#i=89
identify stinky weeds
moms in bras and panties
my cat caught a baby bunny and tore it's fur off
my composting toilet is smelling
oko f sexs
organic porn tube
panties galore
plant with a fussy white bud
poo cly
red stinky fungus
sexy killing chicken
tiny fuzzy bug with eyes

box turtle seizures
can fake boobs cause cyst
camping disasters
do coperheads have a milky odor
oko mammouth
mountain lion chasing chicken
oko box naked leslie
why do possums drool
what does a bearded lady caterpillar symbolize
why do grasshoppers piggyback?
worn smelly stiletto boots




1. Choose 5 of the keywords (whether it's a one word keyword, a fragment sentence or question).

2. Take your 5 keywords and create a fiction story including them (if you can make it a non fiction story that really happened to you that would be incredible and impressive!)

3. The story you create can be any length, but let's keep it more short...less a novel. You can take up more then one comment box word limit if you need to, just try to put them all in there one after another so the story can flow.

4. Leave your story in the comments box, and I will choose my favorite Oko Box Keyword Fiction Story ---- the winner gets a PriZe!

Bad(and short) Example ::::: No one believed him about how his tent got trampled. He told them a mountain lion chasing a chicken ran right over the top while he was sleeping, but they identified stinky weed in his wallet and everyone knew he was a total fucking drunkard. A bear was likely, but even more likely was he lied, passed out on top the tent himself and crushed it. Wasted, he was about as useful as a box turtle having a seizure...........

PRIZE ::::::::::: I will make the winner a special & personal lil' box full of neat things I find in nature - useful and beautiful. Trust me, it will be cool. :)



Stephanie Rogers said...

There's a reason all the *drunkards* in Hot Springs hit on Leslie. Who needs *forest porn* sites when they know they can find *panties galore* hangin' on a clothesline at the Luck Cabin. Plus, this girl really knows how to use a *chicken foot back scratcher*, and not many girls look *sexy killing chicken*.

(I just had to participate with so many awesome keywords, but don't pick me cause I already got some of your cool nature stuff!)

Lou Cheese said...

Actually, instead of a fictional story I wrote prose. I'm just a rebel who plays by my own rules, takes long walks on the beach, etc.

~An Ode to Wrist Restraints and Forest Porn Sites~

Moms in bras and panties
have nothing on
oko box naked leslie.

She knows how to paint a witch.
She can identify stinky weeds and cook up many roots,
doing it with style,
in her worn smelly stiletto boots.

She can make beeswax sex lube.
The forest is her organic porn tube.

Like many I watch, read, and follow her while in my undies#1=89,
when Leslie leads us through abandoned mansions frozen in time.


Lou Cheese said...

PS-I wanted to put "panties galore cannot tame her hawt wings mystery box" in there somewhere but it didn't go with the flow, however, that one is probably good enough to stand on its own.

Stephanie Rogers said...

Oh damn, Lou Cheese FTW!

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

oh my gawd- these made me laugh so hard! Ya'll are so creative I love it!
Please keep them coming, i will give at least a week for people who take longer to compose their creative writings.

MORE MORe Moooooreeee!


Anonymous said...

911 - “What is your emergency ?”

Leslie - “My boyfriend put a chicken foot back scratcher in his ass and it won’t come out.”

911 - “Miss, this line is for emergencies. Is there an emergency there?”

Leslie- “Yes, his ass has a red stinky fungus now.”

911- “Ok, Miss. First Responders are on the way. Do you have any beeswax sex lube that you can rub on his anus right now?

Leslie- “Umm, he's a drunkard, and agitated. I don’t know…"

911- “Miss, first you need to put him in wrist restraints. Can you do that?"

Leslie - “I’ll try. Maybe I can distract him…..."

Leslie - (Yelling) “ Bort, come in here, I found photos of our moms in bras and panties!”

911 - (To First Responder) "...you guys be careful up there. This is the fruitcake who called last week and said a tiny fuzzy bug with eyes was watching her undress."

Lou Cheese said...

Thank you Stephanie, "FTW" seems to be the only sensible outlook and plan of action these days.

I didn't write the prose to win anything, just to say thanks to Leslie for being who she is, and for taking the effort to share who she is.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I found your OKO Box store site. Your store is not at all like the other organic forest porn sites I have visited in the past. You have far more variety! Initially, I was just looking to replace my worn smelly stiletto boots. But I also found and ordered the organic wrist restraints and beeswax sex lube. And when everything arrived yesterday, perhaps the most pleasant surprise was the "OKO Box: Naked Leslie Confessions" book that you included with my shipment at no extra charge!

My boyfriend and I have been reading your book together this afternoon and I must say, you have lived a very 'large' life. The part where you had an affair with your boyfriend's best friend was so sexy! I just have to share a small bit of it with your blog readers:

"...Leslie could feel his manhood against her thigh and decided to make her move to have him, so she slowly moved her hand and gently squeezed his cock, as she turned her face to his and kissed him deeply on the lips. He returned her kiss and opened his mouth to grant access to her tongue, as he slowly circled his arms around her and began to explore her body. As many times as he had dreamed this sequence in his head, and as many times he had masturbated himself to her image, he was still unprepared for what she did next. With thoughts of pregnancy running through her head, and completely committing herself to the situation she quickly got on her knees and pushed his legs apart. His pulse quickened and his cock grew to gargantuan and painfully strained proportions as he could see and feel her beginning to manipulate his fly. Leslie unbuttoned his pants and sprung his cock from its painful confinement, her eyes widening when she saw his full size in living color. She had masturbated him before, but she never allowed herself to look directly at it, and now that she had she was certain that this cock was made to impregnate women. It looked to be almost twice the size of her boyfriend’s as her face inched closer to it, and as she gently began to stroke him, she looked up at him and smiled mischievously."

Thank you Leslie for all you do to save our planet and for sharing so much of your life with us!

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

QUICK note to commenters:::

Not sure how the trend got started, but the fiction stories are not required to include me or The Oko Box....
random subjects would be fun too!

PS---> is it just me or does Anonymous love to hate me?
Also, Anonymous are you submitting twice or suggesting there are two people obsessed with my love life?

Stephanie Rogers said...

WOW these are getting out of hand. Haha. I expected more tame ones using some of the other funny outdoorsy keywords. Come on, non-perverted Oko Box readers, don't let Anonymous scare you off!

Anonymous said...

Where can I buy the Oko Box Naked Leslie Confessions?


Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Stephanie- Ditto, to it all. Even the unspoken.

plenty free trashy clit lit on the internets for you. Just google it.

mara said...

I sped like a demon down some dusty Carolina back road. Seems like this place was made for runnin from the law. Ninety years ago it was moonshine, yesterday it was meth, and today it's my sorry ass beating feet away from the law. My rusted out P.O.S. died a hero's death in front of a tarpaper shack that had a sign advertising *Giant mosquito for sale*.

On the front porch was a rather odd selection of *moms in bras and panties*. There were children too. I only missed tripping over a rugrat because it said "*My cat caught a baby bunny and tore its fur off*" one second before I actually stepped on it. A feral looking woman on the porch gave me the eye like a *mountain lion chasing chickens*. Something about the whole situation was sleazy and appealing like *worn smelly stiletto boots*...

Anonymous said...

Is the Oko Box sold out of the 'Naked Leslie Confessions' book? I can not see it listed there. Thanks,


PS- The 2nd Anonymous has the best story so far!!

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Anonymous- ha ha.
You see, i track comments like i track animals. I dont have a slew of anonymous commmenters, muchless a few in a row on the same post all interested in the same thing.
nice try though.
Also the first anonymous story was far more creative and it utilized the keywords throughout. The second story was largely non keyword and lacked any real creative quality in relation to the game or otherwise.

If you wanna be creative submit more fiction stories, and not fake people who enjoy your own stories. It's too thinly vailed.

Anonymous said...

I did not mean to touch a sore spot with you. I am not your Anonymous! But I do see your point since Anonymous was mostly quoting from your book.

Is 'Naked Leslie Confessions' at your OKO BOX?

Gratuitous said...

Wow. Anonymous, you do have issues. Interestingly, you do seem to have an adequate grasp of the English language. So you’re probably quite intelligent. Yet the way you choose to communicate - given social norms - suggests a slightly less healthy mindset. If it didn’t seem so implausible, it’s almost as if you’ve actually met Leslie and held a grudge. Or maybe it wasn’t even necessary to meet her; her online presence might have been enough. Either way, you’ve already crossed a line into the innapropriate, and you could easily cross the line into the criminal. I’ve told you before, Ano, you’re not as anonymous as you think.

Colorful Canary said...

I was going to participate in this but I can't beat the others...too funny.