Monday, September 13, 2010

(My) Reasons For Being Earth Friendly

I was always drawn to it... nature, but I grew up in the most spotless chemical cleaned suburban house in the city of New Orleans. Everyone evolves, and I'd like to think I came from one extreme but my soul decidingly bridged the gap by seeking the other (huge city to huge forest). It didn't happen overnight, being eco wasn't a trend I picked up, in fact if anything it made me very 'uncool' as a teenager and beyond- only as an adult is my lifestyle (sometimes) appreciated for what it is :::::
a life that doesn't destroy our basic resource & lifeline, nature in it's wildest form.
It's nothing I discuss often with others, but here are some reasons why I live the way I do::::

  • I refuse to take part in the pollution that I believe causes chronic diseases and human suffering (like the auto immune disease i have...)
  • I feel that all creation is equal and the plants, animals, trees all should have respect- the food chain and survival chain should be used wisely not selfishly
  • I only want to put energy into supporting a lifestyle that which won't continue further destruction (long term or short term) of nature- putting my energy into skills for homesteading, rewilding, and organic minded activities.
  • I don't want to support with my $$$ any asshole company helping pollute on ANY level (that goes for chemical, fashion, food, and also big Pharma putting drugs through bodies and into our water)
  • I believe that children deserve the peace and experience of true wildlife, for reasons mental, spiritual and vastly biological- i think without it kids are detached and will behave detached in many other aspects of their life (and when I am an old lady those kids are going to be running sh*t, ya know!)


I don't walk on eggshells, have less quality of life or suffer by refusing to clean my house, paint my house or fix my house with chemicals. I don't suffer because I refuse to buy any clothing slave made of chemical fabrics (unless thrifted), I feel good about what I put on. I don't have less a life because I go by car very little and instead I choose to enjoy & explore the area I actually live in.
I realized many years ago that our lives are formed mostly of (raised) habits, and as many times a day as I am told by people "it's cool you live like that, but i could never do it".... i know from experience that we all really could.

(ps- the pic above is from this summer when my sister's kid came to visit me.)


Cosmic said...

Well-said Si*star! You are one of the very few bloggers / peeps I can wholly relatr too:)

Healthy blessings, healthy Earth!


Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Comic!
That is so sweet, thank you!! Makes me feel good. :)))

Katherine Josh said...

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