Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Edible Forest: Indian Cucumber Root

I have to confess. Sometimes I am scared to try new foods in the forest because I have so many digestive problems from damage caused by Celiac Sprue...but the wild woman in me can not help but want to learn about every single plant that grows around my cabin. Today my curiosity took a stronger hold and I decided to actually take a taste of the Indian Cucumber root.
These are pictures of the Indian Cucumber plant, growing wild in the woods - since it is the Fall season the plants are looking less then perfect (in the Spring they look more healthy and vigorous).
The multi-leafed plant shoots up a smaller tower of less leaves where it flowers and makes this little dark 'berry' (see below), which I assume is the seed case. (I doubt that seed berry is edible, does anyone know for sure? DO NOT eat anything in the wild unless you know without doubt it's edible!)
You can use just your fingers to dig up the root, which isn't all that deep into the ground. The root is very tiny though so it takes a lil' care to make sure you find it.
Bright white and just like it's name sake... it tastes ALOT like a cucumber! In fact, it tastes just like a cucumber but with a really delicious sweet flavor added to it....
so good.....
I go cross eyed.
Thank you tiny cucumber for helping me overcome my fear of trying random edibles in the forest.
Read more info on the INDIAN CUCUMBER ROOT here.


Cosmic said...

Interesting post, Leslie!

Thank-you for sharing:)


Teresa Evangeline said...

Wonderful! To become aware of and get comfortable with what food nature has to offer. I love it.

esme said...

nice find! however, i can't stand how the white man has to name every "wild" edible, "indian" followed by the name of the thing the white man is most familiar with...just sayin'...

and, Teresa, just goes to show, if this is the "food that nature has to offer," what the hell have we been eating all this time then? ya get my drift?

not being an internet troll, just food for language thought.