Friday, September 17, 2010

Bort, Bones and Acorns

There's things I like about walking in the woods, specific things that are hard to ever describe in any human words - it's something that only connects with your own soul or another soul standing there with you... a soul who might be looking too. Not everyone looks, at least not in the same way.
Not everyone sees everything there, which is why I have always loved to walk with another person, another set of eyes with me so that the discoveries double, the moments are shared, the rest of the world & my own problems disappear. I forget, just about everything.
Bort has been my closest nature friend for what seems like a lifetime but is a blink of a dinosaur eye in history, today we walked aimlessly but began collecting things. First I thought I would collect some small trees for a Barnyard project...
but then Bort saw the bones.
He found a skull, some teeth, some claws, the jaw bones... we tried guessing the skull was of something like a raccoon, we tried guessing who mighta' ate it since there was also a cracked snail shell there, and animal tracks & trails. Bort mentioned an owl eating while dropping things high up in the trees, i wondered about what was the biggest animal an owl could eat.
Then I found the spine bones up a few feet...
I sometimes think if i had snacks (aka enough food) I could spend forever in the woods. Then again... I suppose I do.
In the same area we found the BIGGEST most magnificent acorns I have ever seen - so healthy, so plump and perfect. Hardly a rotten one. A neighbor later drove up as we came down the hill with our bag full of acorns, and said that lots of acorns meant a harsh winter. I can only hope this year i have worked as hard as a squirrel to be prepared.
(BTW- we plan to dry and cook these acorns! read more about it HERE.)
I would like to use the tiny bones to make decorations for my baskets or jewelry. And to be in awe of how pretty they are.
The acorns, will be for food (upcoming post soon!).


Anonymous said...

Removing sacred bones from creatures in the Forest? Are you insane? I pray the Forest Spirit will have mercy on you and that your punishment will be short-lived.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Anonymous-
I hope your brain fart will be short lived... sounds like someone who was raised catholic and then turned forest guardian. You might not know this, but i live IN the forest the bones are still IN the forest, only they moved about 100 feet or so. Not that it matters, in reality all creatures- animals bugs, microbes, decay - all living matter would move the bones in some form or another. And the sacred-ness could never be altered.

I think the only punishment involved here is the one you suffer inside yourself.

Bort said...

yep they were sacred,and I put them in my butt to show some more dis-re-spect dipshit.lay off the shrooms whilst getting creative on the computer dirty-hippy.

word verification for today is

Franco Quidel Olsen said...

I think I can share that with you too Leslie. I wnt out into the woods for a few days with only my axe, sleepingbag and some water. The fall is here and mushrooms of all types are poping up. Just beutiful!

I don´t know about you but almost all the time when I get a " craving " for the wild. I often end up finding something special! Or atleast special nuff for me. Wheather it be horns from a deer or the bones, or just that something special. :)

Btw if not you might want to consider spreading your acorns out so that the wont start to mold or rot ^^ And they are easier to shell when a bit dry :)

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Bort didn't really put the bones up his ass, that's just his special way of saying he doesn't agree with anonymous.

Thanks for the tip about the acorns, this is the first time I have ever collected them - honestly this is the best I have ever seen them look and wanted to collect them.
I will take them out the box today!
The forest really is awesome this time of year - full but opening.

Anonymous said...

Love all of God’s creation, love the whole, and love each grain of sand. Love every leaf, every ray of God’s light. Love animals, love plants, love every kind of thing. If you love every kind of thing, then everywhere God’s mystery will reveal itself to you. Once this has been revealed to you, you will begin to understand it ever more deeply with each passing day. And finally you will be able to love the whole world with an all-encompassing universal love.
Love the animals: God has given them the rudiments of thought and joy untroubled. Do not trouble it, don’t harass them, don’t deprive them of their happiness, don’t work against God’s intent, don't disrespect their resting places. Man, do not pride yourself on superiority to the animals; they are without sin, and you, with your greatness, defile the earth by your appearance on it.........'The Karamazov Brothers'

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

UNless we were put here by aliens from outer space (which I am guessing from your post you dont think happened, unless you call aliens "god") ....
I will NEVER buy into the religious guilt factor that humans somehow 'defile' the earth, while the quote you put here contradicts itself saying we are not superior to animals. If we are not superior to animals (which I dont believe we are personally) then why are we defiling the earth any different from all the other creatures who live here and do what they do.
The implication that we defile the earth with our very presence also implies superiority.

I luckily will be living my life not full of damning and shame - how can you enjoy nature and respect it's sacred quality if you damn yourself/shame yourself and fllog yourself to get there. Nature would never think to do such a thing- and since you are equal, maybe take a cue from the high & miraculois function of nature.

PS- luckily I was raised catholic, so I have had all my life to see straight through this kind of manipulative religious jumble talk, which punishes people as a means of forcing them to 'see' god/nature/life. Historically speaking, those people never see much of anything but their own misery and alot of hate.

PSS- in case i didn't make myself clear, i totally believe in respecting ALL living things, plants, trees, bugs, animals, bones, decay, leaves.... it's all the same to me. I equally respect my own needs & life too, and the natural cycle to these things.