Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Green Caterpillar (with White and Brown Circle/ Tan Spikes)

This micro tiny caterpillar is one of nature's amazing punky freak shows... the spikes, the colors, the threats, and the alien 'eyes' on it's back. Another case of caterpillar trickery, where the butt end always looks like the face and the face looks like... well, the butt. The only way I could be wrong about this, is if all the caterpillars I have been finding lately are crawling backwards...
The green color is very bright, and the brown dot with the bright white border makes it stand out - I would say this is not really meant to be camo, and with all those needles pointing off both ends I don't think it needs it.

This pic below is of it's face... which looks mostly blank, or maybe like a hairy eyebrow'ed old man giving some youngens a scowl....
AND this (below) is the other end, totally biomimic'ing an alien from outer space. :)
Can anyone give an ID on this tiny tough guy? Will he become a butterfly or moth?


Gratuitous said...

Saddleback Caterpillar:

Joan said...

What planet are you on? Isn't this caterpillar amazing!

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

You are the bug ID master!
I love this one's name too.... so glad we are finding a bunch in a row wiht more interesting names.

For others looking up this caterpillar here is some info form the link::::
Massachusetts south to Florida and west to eastern Missouri and Texas (2)
Caterpillar seen July to October (3)

Moth flies June to August in the North stretching to almost the entire year in the extreme South (4)
Many trees, shrubs, and grasses including apple, asters, blueberries, citrus, corn, dogwoods, elms, grapes, linden, maples, oaks, Prunus species, sunflowers and viburnums (2). Troy has personally seen them feeding on liriope, cherry, oak, and holly.
Life Cycle
Young instar caterpillars are somewhat gregarious.
Formerly Sibine stimulea.

Caterpillars are capable of inflicting lasting and painful stings with their spines."

Canary said...

This caterpillar is hilarious! Thanks for all the amazing members of nature that you find and share.


Anonymous said...

I have been gardening for 30 yrs and never seen this before one week ago. Several were on my iris plants and while doing garden clean up I got stung many times before I went looking for the culprit. Definitely surprised me.

Anonymous said...

Just got stung by one of these! I have a large banana plant by the door to my screen porch. I brushed by the leaves and it felt as if a leaf had cut my shoulder! I found a couple of these guys; they don't like wasp killer very well!