Wednesday, September 29, 2010

DIY: Big Button Down Shirt Made To Fit

This won't be my most dazzling sewing project, but the idea of altering clothes to make them fit is a noble upcycle endeavour and I wanted to share my attempt. Taking a button down shirt that was too big for me (a men's medium), and sewing it down to a more fitted shirt my size.
My original idea was to somehow turn this into a mini-dress (i like to turn everything into mini dresses)... but it didn't work out since the length of the shirt was too short, and well.... you'll see...
  • push pins
  • sewing skills (machine or needle/thread style)
  • thread
  • maybe a friend to help
I turned the shirt inside out and put it back on.
If you have a friend, have them put the pins along the right & left side of the shirt to make it fit to your personal curves, including the sleeves. Leave space for your sewing seams.
If you don't' have a friend over (like me) then carefully try and place the pins yourself - or use measurements. I hate measuring things so i tried standing really stiff and put pins in myself, but it wasn't as accurate as it should have been.
Sew along the seam lines you created with the pins.
You are already finished (or at least i am)!!! This would be great for making a new winter wardrobe on a shoe string budget, because thrift stores are packed with men's button down long sleeve shirts of all colors, patterns and solids which you could tailor to fit your body.
Funny Lookin' Fail ::::
I also did a lil' experiment with adding another layer of shirt at the bottom, which could make a really neat look if you have the right contrasting colors... which I did not. Stark white, with nice subtle plaid is a recipe for a terrible horrible no good country-fied look, but ya know what? I modeled the Sewing Fail for ya'll anyway.......
The Dolly Looks Better. (aka, this might work if ya have big boobies, sassy hair, and long tall legs. Being able to line dance & sing would help too.)
The Baggy Art-TEEst. (This look will work if you like your clothes swaying, loose, half buttoned and probably half assed.)
The Front Knot! (my personal favorite. This shit was hot in the 80's and we all know whether we like it or love it that pushing obscure 80's ideas is totally in style. Maybe not in my rural neighborhood {cause it never went out of style here}, but in Brooklyn, yes. Besides a front knot on a tight plaid shirt is so movie star country girl, roll in the hay - who doesn't like that? I am bringing this back to the fashion forefront right this minute.)
Maybe I can't win them all, but the whole idea is onto something good. ;)


mara said...

I love your model face in the fail picture! You are so cute Leslie, it's pissing me off a little! Just kidding, love you:)

Teresa Evangeline said...

It's the pearly snaps. Very Groovy.

Cosmic said...

oo what a funky little shirt(suits ya, Leslie:)!

Mezzuzah said...

Hey - I didn't know you were from Brooklyn. Me too! I knew there was a reason I liked this blog beyond the obvious greenery.

PS - ever think about making a sewing dummy? Could make things a lot easier for ya -

Amanda said...

super simple but super cute, thanks for sharing :)

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Mara! I love you too, i will remember you said i was cute next time i think i look terrible. :)

Teresa E-
Snaps are always nice. The shirt was the last of left over inventory from my store, so it's a bonus cause it's organic cotton.

Thanks Cosmic. I havent worn a plaid shirt since grunge rock was in style back in the 90's. ;)

I am actually from New Orleans, but I lived in NYC for a few years back when i was in my early 20's. Now i just get to listen to all my friends in brooklyn complain about hipster fashion. ;)
Thanks for the dummy/personal fitting body link - i never thought about making a fake me to fit my sewing projects on! ha It's a really good idea.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Amanda, glad you liked it. Sometimes simple is what we need, especially if your busy but crafty. Or maybe even lazy but crafty.

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