Monday, September 20, 2010

Lessons of the Twisted Twizzler Tree

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there, does it make a sound? I think so, but who really cares if it makes a sound... the real question is if a tree falls in the forest, exposing all it's roots as it rips from the soil, can it not only keep on living but begin to grow many more trees on top, turn it's roots into twisted tree trunks and lift rocks? Yes, for realz. (I bet it made alot of noise when it happened!)
This twisted, braided, beaded (with rocks and knots) tree is close to the Luck Cabin, sitting in a wet bog like area where a few small creek & springs converge - creating an area of strange trees, trees that either fell and re-grew, or that look like 4 feet of ground dropped out from underneath.
Look below and you can see the original main tree truck that fell - it has even decayed at the top, covered in moss and turning into soil, but more trees grow straight up into the air from it.
Smaller trees...some dead, some alive wrap their roots in a hug on old roots and other new trees growing...
Rocks that had been in the ground, rocks that had intertwined with the roots were lifted and then the growth became tighter around them, till they were part of the twisted beauty, almost camouflaged into bark covered roots...
Some rocks sit loosely but never fall, they rest cradled up in the air.
These parts of nature inspire me... even if it's somewhat cliche' in my mind, the twisted tree shows the type of perseverance humans can take guidence from, it shows strength and adaptability--- and the sheer delight and beauty in the unusual, the strange, the handicap, the freaky. It's why I never turn my back on the rejected, the creepy, the lonely, the different things- they are life too, all exsistence is part of this mysterious cycle, all possessing lessons to teach. Lessons that make our lives easier.
You hate homeless people, well Get Over IT!
You think that poor person should get a job or not be able to have babies of their own,well Get OVer It!
People in a wheelchair freak you out, well GET OVer IT!
Developmentally Disabled people scare you, GET OVEr IT!
That weird drunk guy who wont stop talking to you, He's got something to teach!
(I need not go on....the twisted tree has spoken ;) ....)



Teresa Evangeline said...

I Love this. Cool photos, good words, excellent thoughts, mighty fine lesson. Thank you.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Teresa!