Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tiny Wildflowers

Everything micro tiny is cute! Here are some pics of little bitty wildflowers around my cabin... I know that the first one is the purple violet (and I have been told they are edible?) - if anyone knows the names of the rest of the wittle ones below please let me know! I'd love to learn about them. :)

BTW- tell me which ones are your favorite!?!



Kittie Howard said...

Don't know, but I do know that the violet is delicious! The Brits and the Italians dip them in a sugar concotion. Yum!

Gratuitous said...

Although the flowers and young leaves of the Common Blue Violet are edible, they're bland. Sure do brighten up a salad though. Caution: I don't think any of the other flowers belong to the same family, so don't ya go ettin' em up unless you find out you're allowed.

Stephanie Rogers said...

I made violet syrup a couple weeks ago and posted two recipes on Eco Chick! It is soooo good on pancakes and mixed into iced tea.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

OOOh Kittie that sounds really good - when I learned abomut native plants here, the lady said violets were especially good for us ladies!

Gratuitous... i guess ya gotta make it into sugary syrupy things ;)
I won't be eating random unknown flowers - when i comes to eating new foods I may be so cautious that I annoy most enthusiastic naturalists!

Can you please please share the link to your article! I would love to read it ---
I love Eco Chick, and if i wasn't on slow dial up I go hunt it down right now.

Caroline said...

Violets ARE edible, and medicinal. In the springtime (this week, actually), i make an infused oil of violets, comfrey, rosemary, and yarrow, which i then make into a salve and it's SO AMAZING for cuts, works better than Neosporin. Good lip balm, too.

And violet leaves are demulcent, so the tea is good for sore throats or anytime you need soothing.

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