Thursday, May 20, 2010

Animal Tracking: Itty Bitty Birdie Feet & Mystery Trail

Tiny bird tracks! Aren't they cute? There is a perfect area a little ways behind the Luck Cabin that is all muddy, mushy and bog like - many creeks branch and converge in this area making it a tiny wetland that attracts alot of animals & birds. The cool part is they all leave perfectly shaped tracks in the smooth wet silt.
This second track looks more like a slither... but I am not certain that it is a snake trail? The slither track is coming up out the water of the creek, in a spot that is shallow and slow moving.

What do you think it is? Can anyone give a positive ID on this meandering track...


Gratuitous said...

It's got to be a slow-moving snake. The ways in which it looks like it bumped up against the sprouts and changed course and wrapped around the mud hill all seems to point toward a ground-hugging long animal.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...


I think we both might be right! :)
Pretty cool we can see all it's scales in that mud!
NOw I am going to have to go on a snake tracking spree....