Thursday, May 13, 2010

(Not) Trespassing: Come on an Epic Adventure

Read between the lines.
I (don't) trespass, in fact I (never) jump fences because of an overwhelming urge to just see remnants of lives lived, private yet abandoned places, land, plants and trees. Since I have (never had) a habit of trespassing and I know it is against the law I have found a way to see new things without ever doing something bad.... properties FOR SALE!

So here is a first in a series of "(Not) Trespassing" posts I'll be doing, showing the empty places no longer wanted (but for sale) that I find.... (if you are interested in any of these places to buy, please e-mail me privately because otherwise I am keeping their locations a secret.)
.You are at the gates of 1.2 MILLION dollars. I know, that is alot of money - and so my search goal was just to walk the well graveled road till I reached the inevitable McMansion, oogle over the things rich people buy and wish for their giant track of land (for conservation purposes) and then move along back home....
I wound up a road so much more level then my own driveway, seeing lovely wishie flowers, wildflowers, trees, and some flat spots of forest before it opened up to a cleared area- a scene made for a movie. Pond, sculptures, landscape, putting green, and lay back chairs with covers on them (which happen to look like cocoon coffin pods planted by aliens....) ......
But maybe it's just the part in the movie when the southern characters have the really nice wedding.
I got SUPER excited when i saw bunches of HUGE fish in the pond, stocked heavily with brown speckled trout and Kio ! I wanna put fish in my pond now :)
Moving along above the creek fed pond is the golf lover's putting green --- cause gawd knows ya don't wanna get outta practice while away from home (why anyone would live away from this place I have no idea!) Between the fish and all the dandelion greens, you could live in a tent right there all summer long.
I walked along toward my goal but something unexpected happened... MORE then once too....

FORKS in the ROAD(s)!!! Knowing how much it costs to put in a road I had no idea anyone on earth would put in not just 1 or 2, but 4 roads leading every which way on this 50 acres of land. So much so that when all was said in done I walked a good 3-4 miles total. I assumed the biggest main house was at the upmost top of the ridge, so first I chose to follow the highest path.
But part the way up I found this first ---->

Structure #1 :::: The BArn as BiG as a House

I was not entirely convinced this barn wasn't actually a house disguised as a barn - for one it is way bigger then my house I live in, the condition was spotless and flawless and my imagination wanted those big ole' barn door shutters to swing open to reveal BIG beautiful windows and glass doors, holding amazing personal treasures to peek at. I mean, the barn did have a direct TV satellite dish right next to it (see lower right corner)!!! And unless their horses are enjoying reruns of Mr.Ed up in there, it didn't really make sense to have that technology....
But Alas.... a back window revealed the view to a kill, as in kill joy --- nothing in there at all really. Not even Mr. Ed.

The WALK continues winding upward :::::

I will admit here my inner struggle at looking at million dollar properties. I have to continually take myself out of judgment, out of the rich VS poor thoughts - trying to not make lists of my likes and dislikes rather then do what I came for which is the sheer joy of exploring & discovering (um, for sale real estate that is... ehem.) As my search for the McMansion went on, my swimming memory of the 1.2 million dollars given in worth to this place, curiosity about the people who once bought and loved this place --- just when I wanted to hate rich people for no other reason then I can't afford to buy this land I came upon something uniting.

Pet graves. Everyone and everything became equal again.
I gave a nod of recognition and moved on and on and on AND ON (ya get tha' picture!) - the road was beginning to look less cared for, the middle had not been mowed. I was determined to find a house up on the ridge though... just like the old locals say "the rich out of towners build high as they can on a hill where the weather and wind is worse. Local folk know to build down in a cove where you are protected." So up I went following whims, stereotypes and the overgrown path...
At the top ----->

Structure #2 :::: Most Beautiful (and high voltage) Lookout Cabin On Earth

Just when ya think you know what you will find... something ordinary, something mundane yet new...
instead I found a treasure of a lookout tower/cabin that was so natural, so authentically built, so full of love, family, parties, joy and craftsmanship I seriously almost cried. It took my breath away to find something so down to earth, downright earthy and unexpected. It looked like it had been hand crafted by my very own dreams.

Only problem... shit was surrounded by a solar powered Electric FENCE!
So i walked around the steep edges, carefully taking each step so that if I slipped I wouldn't hit the electric fence. Even every piece of furniture looked as though gnomes of the forest, bears and creatures from fairy tales had made them... it felt only remotely human.
Taste of THE VIEW from the edge of the lookout :::::
I was proud. I walked way far to find this thing.
Revisiting old forks in the road on my way back down the mountain led me to....

:::: The Rustic Log Cabin

This one did not strike me as full of lovin' energy, but still had the authentic and cozy flare........ i knew it was still not the main house. And all the shades were pulled down.
Am I weird for being totally creeped out by this tiny handmade chair (below)? It is the perfect size for gremlins (the children and the monsters)!! Maybe it was cause i looked at the chair right after reading the odd "I love My Uncle" written on the chalk board -
ok, horror movie script writers go get started....

And now for the Fake Animals and Birds Expose' ::::::

Yippeeee ---> I got pictures of almost all the large fake creatures except for the the fake wooden bear which was detained behind the electric fence and lookout screen....

Which are Adorable or Creep-a-delic? You decide!

Structure #4
:::: Dat's NOT A MC Mansion House

The moment I was waiting for, the "Mc Mansion" I expected to find at the end of the long and winding road (not at the top of a mountain) was not a MC-Fugly giant house after all, but a roomy cape cod modern farm house... one that held some treasures that I was surprised to see through the spit shined glass windows.
Like handmade tic-tac-toe! (I sooo need to start making these!)
and a collection of all the things i LOVE to collect in nature... like someone read my mind, took my love of all things natural and put them in jars behind a glass wall where I could not touch them. Someone invaded my dreams and made it look scientific, untouchable and important. Beautiful.
Bones, skeletal leaves, feathers, unusual sticks, bee hives etc....
(Not) Trespassing was all worth every second of adventure.
plus, I made some really nice friends along tha' way....

So glad you could join us!



Gretta said...

Very cool. But I know you are a fence jumper, I've seen you do it :D

Panne said...

that's one nice place. though the main house sticks out like a sore thumb among the rest.

my saanen goats taught me electric fences aren't hard to get around. they would find a blood weed or similar plant near the fence, nibble it near the bottom a bit and push it over on the wire leaving the plant connected at the ground. then they would proceed to walk over the 5 foot chain link fence like it wasn't there.

find something green with a high moisture content and lay it on the fence letting it contact the ground.

it helps if you can keep the contact points wet. wire works if you can keep enough tension or pressure on it to maintain a circuit. wet cloth works well too.

it won't kill you if you mess up, just feels weird when it zaps you.

most solar powered fence chargers use a pulse to conserve battery life. if it does you'll hear it if you listen close as the wire vibrates powering up. count the seconds between the pulses. most are around 5 seconds apart, which is plenty of time.

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Gretta --- shhh. ya did not. and if ya did, i saw you do it too. ;)

Panne--- awesome tip on solar electric fences (and regular), because actually i located the box and heard it making a interval clicking sound.
Bad part is, i think I went to the wrong "for sale" house.... uh, so this place isn't for sale and I feel really bad about when i jumped back over the fence and slipped and broke the loose fence post when i fell down a steep slope.
next place i will make sure i get it right. ;)