Friday, May 7, 2010

Identity Crisis: Who is this Black and White Beetle?

Meet Mr. Rodeo! This little beetle just kinda appeared in my organic garden- although nothing is really growing yet I wondered if Mr. Rodeo was a beneficial, neutral or an organic garden eatin' bug?

I call him Mr. Rodeo because of his chiseled, hammered, gorgeous black and white pattern on his back that reminds me of fancy leather cowboy boots. Underneath his armor were some red-ish tinted wings. He wasn't too shy, too fast, or sketchy - in fact Mr. Rodeo was easy going, slow and seemed like maybe he wasn't in any rush to protect himself from predators - but maybe that's cause most critters won't eat a beetle in these striking and poisonous looking colors?
Can any of ya'll help me identify this pretty lil' guy?


Kittie Howard said...

Your beetle caught my attention enough to Google beetles. Learned l/5th of the 2.5 million species of living things is beetles. But couldn't find your beetle. But from what I did read, markings like on yours aren't good. Can you call UNC?

Gratuitous said...

Another anchor stink bug!

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Kittie --->

I totally need my own personal entomologist, like most people have secretaries or cooks, or housekeepers!

Gratuitous !
ARE yOU Sure!??! That thing looks nothing like a stink bug, even the anchor ones--- do you have a link? I need proof ;)

canary said...

AAAAAWWWWW...he's so cute!


Panne said...

put it in your hand and shake it to get it riled up. if it stinks it's a stink bug.

looks like some kind of alien grape stomping dairy cow.

Panne said...

forgot to mention Gratuitous nailed it as an anchor stink bug.

Anonymous said...

Its not a stink bug, It is a Calligrapha Leaf Beetle

Anonymous said...

That bug is good for your garden, it eats the bugs that will eat your garden.