Saturday, May 22, 2010

Another Dream Come True (and it's just a pair of used boots!)

I have looked far and wide --- I have scoured Ebay & Etsy for years trying to find hiking boots that would fit this one weird idea(l) in my head.... this idea of tall & cute knee high military style canvas boots that had good shoe soles for gripping the ground while walking in these mountains.
I finally have come to my hiking boot climax after all this time!
The title of these boots (pictured) from Etsy says it all... i mean really, it ALL! Like every keyword i have ever used trying to find something just like this:::::

"Vintage Denim and Leather Boots Canvas Hemp Buckle Combat Retro Knee High Riding Boots Safari Hiking Boots size 6"

I am gonna confess my enthusiastic girlie-ness for shit like this, when I find a sweet pair of boots I need badly and happen to also be hot to trot (freakin' sexy with leather straps), i am totally taken back in time to my mom's shopping bonanzas where she would have us model our score for my dad when we got home from the Lakeside Mall. He was not thrilled ($$$), but we felt awesomely adorable & prepared for all the events city life may throw our way (catholic church on sundays, school functions such as bingo night, seeing my boyfriend on the Westbank, going out to eat at Impastato's with my parents).

Confession #2 : I will wear (now as an adult) high heel cowgirl boots when hiking in the woods, and walking miles along the road. Why? Cause I like them, they are so pretty I can't take them off even when it's an inappropriate terrain.
These old canvas boots I found are gonna save me from this reckless fashion love/consumer zombie/ hurtin' shins fate.

BTW- these are used/vintage boots I got, I haven't bought brand new shoes in over 5 years. I try to stick to an eco friendly plan when buying footwear cause usually the thrift stores, ebay and etsy are full of amazing footies for alot cheaper. And much more interesting looking. Don't ya think?


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Anonymous said...

I love the allusions to childhood (Lakeside Mall, etc.) I love finding out how other people live/lived. I love your boots confessions. I wish I had the courage to wear boots...heels or not. I feel like boots are for the fashion courageous, whereas I am more the fashion-fearing type.

I love the picture. Those are cool straps!

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Thanks Canary!

Amestress! It seems like to not wear boots around here takes courage, cause there's a chance of bug bites, poison ivy (not allergic tho'), briers cutting ya legs, etc....
everytime i have walked in the woods without boots, or without jeans I usually curse myself for doing it again - luckily so far there's no mosquitoes at my cabin, but there is some micro tiny gnat called "no-see-ums" and they are biting the shit out of me.
I am a mess of bites!