Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dear Mole, I loVe YoU.

Dear Mole,

I am so sorry my cat Toots brought you into the house, as I could tell it made you very uncomfortable to be here. I was happy to see she had not hurt you, and carried you like a baby - and when I found you head first burrowing into a corner, although terrified, you were also endearing.

I am writing now to tell you why I love you....
I love your funny wiggley little nose, so red and soft. I love the way your eyes are blind ... hec I don't even know if you have any eyes. Your coat of dark gray is so shiny and smooth, even though you live underground in dirt tunnels you are so perfectly clean!
But even more so then all these things I mentioned that make you such a handsome fella', it's your giant clawed feet, web like, thick, and resembling flippers for swimming that really caught my eye.
I sincerely hope after I lifted you up from the corner, to put you back outside that no cat spit had penetrated your skin to only later kill you. Even if your dead though, I still love you for the beautiful little critter you are.
xoxo- Leslie


Rebecca said...

How cute is that!

Leslie's Gone Oko said...

Hey Rebecca!
TOO cute. Beyond cute. That nose is just too much for me.