Saturday, February 21, 2009

Signs Of Spring

Spring makes me feel like I am going to bust at the seams! Here's some pics of spring's awakening...

1. Buds and leaves are slowly bubbling out of branches and breaking free.

2. Lillies and Daffodils are poking out the ground and ready to dance in the wind.

3. Little wildflowers are blooming close to the ground.

4. I am wearing my favorite red pumps to tromp around the yard in.
There's so much tiny beauty to see everyday!


Mokihana and Pete said...

You MAKE ME have fun! #4 is my vote for best spring bud. Hee, hee and me in my boots with wool soxs even now.
Cheers, Mokihana

Lou Cheese said...

Nice leg warmers...

Anonymous said...

I'm noticing things around my gardens, too. The papaya and orange trees just started flowering, and the comets started spawning today in one of the ponds. Spring is coming!

Leslie, I love my leg warmers! They are fabulous, so glad I got them. Now see what you've done, I want some red pumps to garden in.

The Oko Box said...

I got the red pumps for 75 cents at a thrift store in Waynesville NC! I walk them to death and they are still holding up - unlike most thrift pumps which are nearing the end of their life - the heal always crumbles.