Friday, February 13, 2009

10 Last Minute & Cheap Valentines Ideas

1. Write your lover a poem.

. Plan a sexy dance (might I suggest to this Peaches Song).

3. Bake something together at home, like organic brownies or strawberry pie.

4. Learn origami today and make them pretty paper swans.

5. Go to the used book store and pick up something in the sexuality section that ya'll can read & laugh about together.

6. Fill the tub with hot water and light a candle for when they arrive.

7. Pick up a small bottle of almond oil at the store and give the gift of a massage.

8. Write a sweet letter and drop it in their mailbox on Valentines morning ... sealed with a kiss of course.

9. Run on over to your local plant nursery or organic farmer and pick up a potted plant.

10. Combine any two of these and make a personalized, romantic, memorable and economically viable night of fun!


1 comment:

Liberty said...

These are really great Leslie.

I love how they are affordable. This is traditionally such a buy-buy-buy oriented occasion and I think that's sad. It can create a feeling of obligation or stress that has little to do with love.

Whereas many of your suggestions are low stress and really communicate the caring and love felt!

thanks for sharing these :)