Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Style That's Handmade, Vintage, Used and Organic

Make your own stuff to wear with triple the eco power! Get a vintage or used book on how to crochet, knit or sew your own clothing & accessories, then make your crafts using organic yarns, fabrics and vintage embellishments, and the final eco-power is in the fact that it's all handmade by you. That is as fair trade, organic, and low impact as you can possibly get! Check out this funky fun 80's mag at Sought Vintage on etsy ( pictured here above and below)...

"Marshall Cavendish's Stitch by Stitch weekly magazine from 1979/1981. Two issues!!!Issues 22 and 42 of this 80's popular series containing excellent retro crochet, knitting and sewing patterns.These have BIG crochet sweater, Legwarmers, rain ponchos, "French" knitting, Awesome sundresses, Lacy pillows, Sailor shirt, Checked sweater, so much more... "



Anonymous said...

i love Etsy. I have bought a bunch of amazing things since last year! go vintage! go handmade!

Anonymous said...

ugliest outfits ever, i'd rather go naked!

The Oko Box said...

Hey Anonymous 10:16 -
I love etsy too, it's got a ton of eco stuff now, way more then even last year - and a shocking amount of vintage stuff too! Some prices on the vintage are too high for me but alot of it is awesome.

Anonymous 10:18 -
Naked is always hotter and less ugly. This is about using your imagination & embellishing the patterns by buying used tutorial books and making your own stuff- rather then worrying ova' whether you like thigh high leg warmers.
I would wear them though. ;)