Monday, February 2, 2009

Upcycled Steam Punk Jewelry

The steam punk movement meets Vincent Price meets roadkill meets planet friendly = Vulture Designs . Feast your eyes on the intricate and wonderlust jewelry picture below. Based in Asheville NC, Vulture Designs is a one woman creative explosion using a variety of upcycled and found objects to put together limited edition jewelry that is intimate, fascinating, and can't be found anywhere else.

"All pieces are made from found and upcycled parts. *bones: life long collection of casualties from mans invasion of their territory and other unfortunate accidents. i believe if an animal is to die than making use of its parts for art is a good thing. *lockets: vintage, found at yard sales flea markets, dead stock etc. *watch parts: taken apart for use of their parts after they no longer work *chain: flea markets yard sales and old dead stock."

Vulture Designs jewelry is coming to The Oko Box today! (It's also sold in select local Asheville boutiques.)


Susie Collins said...

I love this kind of jewelry, especially the bones! I found a dead barn owl once, saved the full wings and took the neck bones apart and put them into a beaded necklace. It was an amazing process, sacred in a way, and I've kept the necklace here with me at my desk for many years. Owl medicine.

I also have necklaces with teeth and tusks and feathers, all good animal medicine.

This is a wonderful line, Leslie! It's not easy to make this kind of stuff look creative and beautiful, the artist has the touch!

The Oko Box said...

Hey Susie!
I have owl wings too, that i cut from an owl who lived in my wood stove and then died after injuring himself - I have them hanging next to my bed. I love that you make bone jewelry too, this Steam Punk jewelry maker's name is Heather and she gave me some neat bones for my birthday that I am wanting to make a necklace out of with organic cotton cord.
I agree her stuff is so awesome, it's beautiful art!