Friday, February 6, 2009

Eco Kinks For The Eccentric Valentine

Have the same old Valentines gifts of chocolates, fruits, flowers and wine got you yawning into bored tears? Not everyone is into the traditional romance style, with a crispy Leave It To Beaver crust encapsulating their lives... some people like it more chewy & full of flavor! There's no need to trade in your planet love for your kinky play this Valentines, cause there are some saucy eco props that will keep your blood pumping and your earth clean.

Lavish Lauru Bondage Set - Recycled Black Satin
"This set adds a feathery, sensual way to increasing our connections. The eyes are ceased and in turn this heightens the other senses for many different actualization's."

"Who doesn't need a good crack on the ass every once in a while? This strap is eco-friendly, made from a recycled full grain leather belt. The band is a rich moddled chocolate brown color with dark (almost black) edges. The belt is looped, overlapped on the top and held together with three black rivets."
"Beautifully handcrafted leather wrist restraints with 3 seamless steel rings. This pair was designed for a custom order with hand dyed satin finish cherry red leather, soft black suede lining, and steel accents. The red leather has a letter/symbol pattern fire-branded, and any custom words/letters/numbers can be heat kissed onto your custom pair by specifying it in the comment box. Cuffs are adjustable and guaranteed. Made from 100% recycled scrap leather."
Black Organic Bamboo Jersey Mag Leotard with White Frill
"The Mag Leotard is inspired by Audrey Hepburn's character 'Holly Golightly' in the film 'Breakfast at Tiffany's'. It is a very simple and comfortable design, with a cute ruffle detail at the back.It is made out of organic bamboo jersey which is silky soft and similar in touch to cashmere. Bamboo jersey is 60% more water absorbent than cotton, and has a cooling effect."
Corset Cuffs - Cream Double Wide Leather with Pierced Hearts
" These corset cuffs would go with your most fabulous pair of heels and/or your most comfortable pair of sandals. You can wear these laced cuffs on your ankles, upper-arms, or wrists. And, keeping with my eco-friendly theme, they're made from a recycled leather belt!"Sustainable Stockings or Stocking Set with Panties
$24- $75
G= 9.8 Stockings: "These ultra delicate and smooth thigh highs are a great addition to your sexy lingerie or worn under a dress or skirt. Be eco-friendly while looking super sexy in these comfortable and easy to care for thigh highs. FillerFabric: 80% Recycled Pine Fiber 18% Polyamide 2% Spandex- in black only."
Urban Fox Set: "1940's style with a seam up the back and a lace inset on the butt. Available in blue, yellow with hand-printed stars, cream, and pink."
Standard Recycled Rubber Whip
"Be naughty to each other, but nice to the environment! This flogger is professionally hand made in the Northwest. It is cleaned, cut, glued, punched and riveted together. It is flexible and feel great against your (and your partners) skin."

Flaunt your wild side and keep your planet clean! xoxo


Romantnick said...

My kind of Valentine's.

Marcus said...

I have never tried any of that kind of stuff. whips and belts. I may have to.

Liberty said...

'Marcus' is spam - click on his name and you get to an online store :-(

The Oko Box said...

He's one naughty spammer... maybe spamming is Marcus's kink. lol

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