Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Don't Let My Butt Fall Down

This post is at the request of my good friend Noel, who wanted to know about how I keep my butt from falling down as we age. I decided I am willing to embarrass myself by sharing my 2 butt-ersizes I do 5 times a week and help ya'll save your ass too! ;) I have to state though that the following pics are so nearly humiliating that I feel they should get me a free membership to the Itty Bitty Titty Committee and I can only hope that I bring a little variety to the usually big (fake) boobied internet. I feel I can no longer be blackmailed by anyone with anything after willingly posting this.

The Following 2 Butt-ersizes are really easy and will not even take 5 minutes to do.
#1. The Tight Ass
ONE: Stand perfectly straight to begin with, using your hands on your hips for balance.
TWO: Push your pelvis forward as far as you can and tighten your butt as much as you can and hold for a second. See the pic below for the back view of the tight ass... ;) THREE: Release quickly and pull back a little. Repeat these motions as quickly or slowly as you like to do them. It only takes 30 pumps forward a day to keep your butt in shape.

#2. The Thrusty Lady
ONE: Lay flat on your back with your hands resting at your sides, and your knees up.
TWO: Lift your pelvis as far into the air as you can go and tighten up your butt (as you do in exercise #1 The Tight Ass above). Repeat this two step motion as many times as you desire. I only do about 10 thrusts 5 times a week to keep my butt closer to my back then the backs of my knees.

ps - Sadly i don't know any way to keep our boobies from falling down, but am open to suggestions!


Liberty said...

LOL! Geez you can be so much fun Leslie!

There are way more members on that committee than the media leads us to believe ;-)
And the bonus is we don't have to WORRY about them falling down as we age ;-)

These are great, simple exercises - thank you for posting! I love your poses and facial expressions!

Hahahahaha it's Nick said...

Haha. Almost makes me want to do some butt exercises. ALMOST...

(Fantastic photography)

The Oko Box said...

Hey Liberty!
Glad you are in the club ;)
I think exercise really helps me feel less sick when my body is run down.

Someone recently told me they wanted lipo suction instead of just eating well and exercising, and it really isnt as hard as it might seem to do a few stretches rather then gets fat sucking surgeries.

Anonymous said...

You're hilarious. "I feel I can no longer be blackmailed"--lol. Unfortunately, even though I'm as skinny as a string bean, I've been able to hold a pencil under my ass since I was about 10, and I only have one (teeny) boob, so, well, I'm a lost cause.

The Oko Box said...

Susie! LOL
I have to try that, but I am most certain i can hold a few pencils under my ass. That fold over is sexy.... it's the flattening up top that frightens me into thrusting and tightening ;)
Flaunt the boobie you got!

Lou Cheese said...

I sure hope they don't have internet access in prisons..........this could start a riot.

The Oko Box said...

Lou Cheese -
Male aggression... so flattering. ha ha.

Mokihana and Pete said...

I am laughing my butt off ... no pun intended, butt ... OKAY. You are the laugh queen and that's no lie.

I have one of those tiny butts that just disappears with age, I think, how to tell without mirrors. Those exercises are some of the best for getting stronger after being laid out from THIS, THAT, Icky, Acky.

That Committee ha,ha,ha .....Thanks for the laughing exercise and the butt ones, too.


The Oko Box said...

Hey Mokihana-
lol- thanks! Do you live without a mirror? I lived without a mirror for a while and when I finally looked in the mirror I was like "oh sh!t, I look like i have been living in the jungle" and then picked the twigs and pieces of leaves out of my hair, and... brushed my teeth really hard.

Jodie said...

I watched 'Persepolis' not long ago (great movie) & there was a short story the main character told from her childhood where she had asked her grandmother how she kept her boobies so perky & 'young'. The grandmother said that she put her boobs into icy water every day & it helped keep them nice.
I have no freaking clue if there's any kind of truth in that, but still a funny idea :p

Anonymous said...


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