Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Coming This Spring

The economy may have slumped over further then a drunk man on Bourbon Street and a few eco designers may have closed their doors due to the financial strain, but many organic designers are still creating their spring and fall 09 collections! Designers such as Andrea from Gaia Conceptions makes each item to your order, specifically to your personal measurements - something which cuts out the manufacturing process that has forced many clothing companies to close shop. Gaia Conceptions will be bringing a fabulous range of organic cotton & hemp dresses, skirts, & tops in new colorful low impact dyes plus she will soon showcase her natural dyes she's been working on in her secret lab. :) There will also be a sensual new spring collection from Meadow that includes some of the best eco bikinis I have ever seen plus other organic breezy garments that capture the essence of warm summer days (see pic above!)
Coming to The Oko Box March-April 09!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE those pants!!! I want so bad! Can't wait.

The Oko Box said...

I love the top! :) It's actually the top to one sexy bikini coming this spring. Can't wait for them to come too, Meadow's stuff will be around April and will be available for pre-order in March.

Anonymous said...

Oh poopy. Hard to do a bikini top with only one boob :-( I used to wear a lot of wrapped tops like that once upon a time.