Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Keywords That Brought You Here

The majority of people find The Oko Box blog & store through search engines like Google, using a wide variety of keywords (thousands) that lead them here like a herd of search engines zombies. This is the second time I have shown you the inner working of the the human mind as seen through the eyes of google analytic keywords... but this time instead of making commentary about each one, I will leave that up to you! Choose your favorites and try to explain what the person was up to.

*Keywords that make you go Hmmmmmm...*

hemp tree
ass naturals
barium after poop
how to poop after drinking barium
why did i vomit after drinking barium
beeswax condom
boring clothes rope
how to wear leggings
without dress women and men with kiss
under deep freezer
pictures of art deco women
box of smut
butt falling photo
canaries porn fk
nasty things to do to your boyfriend
nasty things fish do in water
make a vodo doll of a coworker with a photo
i love chems
hopeless lingerie
hippy menses
fox tv 6 şubat kinks box
got my laundry back smells toxic
smut minded
put poop in your ass
women's box for glory
panties making out
where can i donate porn
nuns organic clothing
organic love

PS- my observational summary is this: 1.Barium causes alot of people digestive issues 2.The internet is mostly used for porn 3.People are really confused on just about every subject known to man 4. Do beeswax condoms really exist? 5. Is this proof of the chaos theory?



.·:*¨¨*:·.gm.·:*¨¨*:·. said...

that was really interesting, leslie!

The Oko Box said...

GM -
Do you mean interesting as in weird & somewhat creepy? If so, I agree.

Rekanize said...

I am inspired to start a non-profit now that accepts donated old porn to redistribute to the porn-needy.

The Oko Box said...

You can call the charity "Poorn". :)
I am inspired to find the mythical "hemp tree", cause i bet there are unicorns in that forest.

Liberty said...


that list either hilarious, disturbing or both!

Panties making out? Are there sentient panties somewhere and, if so, how did I not know about it?!?

Nasty Nick said...

I thought I was the only one searching how to put poop in your ass! I won't have to feel so alone now.

Canary porn? Nasty things fish do in water? Thanks for the new ideas Leslie!

Lou Cheese said...

"How to poop after drinking barium"???? If you drink barium, the problem solves itself, and rather quickly at that.

The Oko Box said...

Lou Cheese-
you did not make barium any more appealing just now! lol... thank gawd i never drank the stuff. I am certain I never will.