Saturday, November 7, 2009

Abandoned Bus, Abandoned Upcycled Home

Walking down the road at the base of Earlys Mountain in Big Sandy Mush, I saw this crusty old bus across a big farm field. Like a magnet I was pulled towards it to find out what the details of it's history were...I just knew it had at have been at least a party bus for some teens, a school bus full of old seats, or an empty bus full of ghosts. I also needed to use the bathroom at that moment and needed something to hide behind anyway. :)
Once I was there I felt brave- I could sense no one was in there and that no one would care if I pulled the rusted door open to get a better peak inside the mystery van...
The inside of the outer door was dark red with padded & quilted looking plastic material - Fancy! First thing I saw was the steering wheel, hole in the floor, and piles of furnishing trash. Or rather trashed furnishings.
The inside looked as though it had once been the 70's pimp mobile! The ceiling was this fabulous tan quilted pattern, there was a kitchenette cabinet and the whole thing had obviously been outfitted like a luxurious camping RV!
The broken old windows once had groovy curtains- picturing the upcycled bus's glory days was not hard at all. I wish it had been my own glory bus.
I went around the outside to the front of the bus, where it looked like traditional junk yard bus- with no sign of the ancient party inside.
The windows were target practice, surely for teenage boys or drunk rednecks.
The sides of the bus read something like "Forest Hills... Schools". I got behind the bus, used the bathroom and left. Too bad marking territory in the human world isn't as easy as marking it in the animal world.

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