Monday, November 23, 2009

Funny Fungi

Heres a few of the remaining Mushrooms from this month (November)... once the real cold winter comes there is not much fungi action. We have been unusually warm this November, it's felt like a nice cozy spring most of the fall - with warm sunny days and intense ground soaking rains... good conditions for some mushroom bloom. These pictured here are my favorites cause they are bunches of fun. Fun-gi, he he. ;) The pink one up top is some type of cup mushroom... while the one below here is a mushroom with a twist!
These tiny fungi's growing on the dead apple branch below really fascinated me, how they look like the spokes of a wheel on the inside. Or maybe like the fury petals of a blooming flower? It's a beautiful basic pattern that can lead the imagination to so many places and inventions (and ya'll know how I am all about sum' biomimicry!)

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