Monday, November 9, 2009

Squeezin' In A Narrow Cave

Up on a steep hill in the woods there is a pile of huge rock out croppings- inheritly as dangerous as it is infinitely stable, the tremendous rocks are all piled together in such a way that it created a series of caves. Mud, leaves, and smaller rocks gathered into solid mass on the top cracks - filling in the original openings, and animals dug a new series of tunnels. It was awesome!
I started to squeeze my body into the larger opening, and realized I actually could have snaked my way all the way to the back... but did I want to?
The inner rock was jagged on some edges, it seems perfectly dry and clean in there - I did not smell animal urine and the only tracks i saw looked like a micro tiny deer shaped print (possibly a small pig?) I squiggled my way forward...
In the back of the crevice the rocks piled upward like tiny steps - there was a strong breeze of clean pure air blowing directly in my face. I was told that the cold air blowing out the hole meant the cave went deep underground. The stone 'steps' led up to a sharp left turn, and it looked as though maybe a right turn too! I wish I was an animal this size and could just move in, a cave seems like a really nice place to stay.
But Alas- I hadnt really gone too far back because I started thinking about the possibility of the creature who lived there getting pissed and me being stuffed in the crack with it biting my face like some kind of 80's horror film gremlin. So, I squeezed back out and will try again another day. :)XoXO00


Kittie Howard said...

I love crevices, caves and surprises...and this looks like real fun...!!

Mokihana and Pete said...

Adventurous woman, beautiful rock faces. Into caves the creature crawls and knows the smells of Earth.
xo Mokihana

Anonymous said...

I wish we had caves in Michigan. I don't think we do. That looks so fun!

Leslie wears organic clothing and plays in dirt said...

Hey Kittie! I love it too, I am a whore for mystery!

Mokihana - the smell of the earth is so pure and so perfect and so not offensive - why did mankind ever invent such grossness like scented detergent & potpourri?!

Amstress- Maybe you do have them!!? Then again I don't think we had them in New Orleans (we didnt even have basements), so maybe there are places without cave? This one is at the house I live at right now, in Big Sandy Mush. :)