Monday, November 2, 2009

Growing On The Forest Floor

It's beautiful from far away, and just as breathtaking close up. I find myself looking at the 'bigger picture' in my emotional life quite often and attempting to overlook the details... while in my physical view I am over compensating by noticing every little detail growing around me, far more then the bigger grand view. I suppose if nature was a teacher, the lesson would be there is worth in everything we see-... it's a million trillion tiny details that build up to the picture at large and each bit of the ecology counts. Emotionally or physically.
Striking patterns and colors, mushrooms and moss are especially mysterious to me. The moss growing on the stick below made criss crossing diamond shapes, with little bits of more moss right in their centers.
I was told this classic looking mushroom below may be a choice edible, can anyone give it a positive ID?


Kittie Howard said...

The scenery looks like you're living inside a post card...just breathtaking! Yes, all the tiny little things around us become our friends -- loved the moss -- soooo peaceful...about mushrooms, haven't a clue, am a bit scared of wild ones, actually, unlike a friend of mine who knows what's what and picks the right one with confidence. Your blog is so insightful. Thanks! (I was laid up with a nasty flu shot (regular) but am back kickin' again.)

Leslie wears organic clothing and plays in dirt said...

Hey Kittie!
Flu shot- ick! Never have gotten one of those- but i don't get out in public mush anyway.
I am weary of eating mushrooms i find too, i dont know enough about identifying them to really make a decision.
It is like a postcard here- Big Sandy Mush is so rural and isolated, only dedicated to forest preserve and farming. :)