Monday, October 12, 2009

Tree Bark Butterfly With Orange Wings

This neato butterfly landed on my boot and stayed there licking it for nearly 20 minutes! I have been wanting to look at one of these close up because it is one of those butterflies that has a totally different persona on the inside, then it does on the outside. (Just like some people!)
When sunning itself it has brilliant deep orange wings with black spots on it, the jagged edges make it even more striking - but when it closes it's wings it suddenly transforms into something akin to tree bark.
It's like an optical illusion! It's legs even look like little dead branches stripped of bark. I <3 this butterfly, it's reversible. :)
Anyone know it's scientific name and info?


Gratuitous said...

"Anglewings" type of butterfly which includes anglewings, tortoiseshells, commas, question marks, leafwings, snouts and daggerwings.

Leslie wears organic clothing and plays in dirt said...

Hey Gratuitous!

WHy are you so good at this! At first I thought you wrote Angelwings, not "anglewings"... i would like to have thought that it was angelwings and that angels are thought to be worn torn and jagged in their crusade. ;)