Tuesday, October 20, 2009

My Gourd Family!

YAY! Welcome to my little gourd family, of all shapes and sizes...all persuasions, all sorts of possibilities, opportunities and freshly picked for an eco bird house future. I have only grown gourds one other time and they didn't turn out this awesome! These guys rock so hard that I felt proud to have helped birth each one (with the help of nature.) I am hoping i can dry at least a few out successfully and without using creepy chemicals - it is very common for all gourds to be bleached and such to kill the mold that will naturally grow while they are drying. I am going to try out my good ole' standby of apple cider vinegar and baking soda.
Look some of them are seriously bigger then my head!
Has anyone else dried gourds without using bad chems to help it along?


Blair said...

These would make FINE gourd banjos !


Blair said...

oops .. try this link:


Leslie wears organic clothing and plays in dirt said...

Hey Blair!
Gourd banjos! That website rocked... i really like the way they sound- i wonder what other instruments gourds can be made into?

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Anonymous said...

hang your gourds in the sun during the day. drill a hole in the bottom to allow moisture to escape. hang them by your fire place on the back of chairs and such so they are fairly close, but not enough to be hot to the touch. it helps if they are tied so you can turn them.

why would someone want to bleach them??? they usually paint them anyway. i have a friend who makes rattles and rain shakers and makes a damn good living at it. he made the big bamboo shaker in the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zV4nwxqlnRY

you can also open up the bottom and make bat houses.