Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Free Fun In The (Fall) Forest

The woods are opening themselves up again with the coming winter- leaves are beginning to drop, native plants have gone to seed so wildlife can store up on food. Plants have died back and there's more to see then in the fullest part of summer, everything looks like a spot I never saw before. The change of seasons I think feels good for everyone, even the flora and fauna.
There were tons of these tiny yellow mushrooms, but not too many other species today...
there were plenty awesome hiding spots though for critters and bugs. If i was a mouse I would totally make the log below my winter home. But I guess then a snake might eat me?
At the top of the hill I jumped the fence (i know, more trespassing- it's becoming a vice). The fence line is marked by the oldest, biggest trees that were not logged back in the day. They left those trees for property markers, some of them have very old rusted barbed wire growing right through the middle of the trunk!
I found this awesome wild grapevine that was reallllly long, going at least 40 feet into the tops of trees...starting at the ground I climbed from the bottom. I leaned first on my stomach and tried shimmy'ing my way up but not only was that too freaking hard, but the vine itself STUNK like rotted mothballs.
I spun around upside down and had flashbacks to playing on the 'monkey bars' at St. Rita elementary school, maybe living in nature is like living in a perpetual recess!?!
Dirty, stinky, and feeling way good. I only made it about 10 feet off the ground and stopped. Don't be fooled by the illusion of the plants below me, they are tall and growing on a steep incline.

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