Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sustainable Halloween: Carving My Organic Pumpkin

Yay! I love Halloween, you know except for the fact that it's turned into a multi million dollar consumer spree... but the basic elements of the spooky holiday are based on imagination & putting those strange ideas into solid form. I grew some small pie pumpkins this year in my organic garden and decided to carve one up yesterday! I always aspire to do some tedious carving of a horse in the desert or Pegasus flying over the moon, but it always turns into a giant clownish pumpkin face!
(Note: Please excuse my dirty morning hair, after seeing this pic I took a shower.)
First thing I did with my pumpkin was cut open a hole (too small) on the top of it's head and pull out all the pumpkin seeds - I saved the seeds on a clean plate because I am going to roast those seeds today to eat. I am not the most OCD carver, in fact i leave all kinds of horrid strings of goop floating around like an impatient child. :) Especially when I cut the top hole so small I can't fit my tiny hand in there anyway.
Isn't she cute!? This pumpkin smelled REALLY good on the inside, very sugary sweet and yummy - I can't wait to roast the seeds!
AND NoW ShE is SCarY, MMMaaaahhhwwwwwwaaaaa. I think.
Here's some quick tips on 'greening' your Halloween:
  • Create your costume with things you have, borrow or thrift - don't buy new!
  • Hand out healthy candy/snacks to children rather then something that makes them sick.
  • Get your pumpkins from local or organic growers, and don't forget to eat the seeds.


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