Sunday, October 18, 2009

Building A Fire For Heat

It got cold here...I mean chance of snow winter winds freezing cold. I hear that each person has their own style of making a fire, kind of like everybody has their own special penmanship. It's all the same result, but your own signature way of doing things...
So here is my fire making signature! :) Brown paper or dried up weeds at the bottom (don't use bleached paper which is so grody breathing the smoke made me feel like I needed to call 911 after), then some piles of tiny kindling (I used apple tree branches) and added a few larger branches too, then thin split logs. All this I like to think I am making in a sort of subtle teepee fashion, and then add the one big log on top towards the back.
I actually had hardwood logs brought to me by some local guys who totally split all the logs by hand (very hardcore and more earth friendly.) I found them on Craigslist and they rock - if you need wood I will give ya their number!
I do best with all natural materials, otherwise the smoke bothers me alot (coughing, chest pain, crusty eyeballs) - I don't use fire starters or fake logs, EVER. One thing that does make it less sustainable or hard is how to light this thing ablaze... I usually use matches, and sometimes a propane clicker- I think it would be cool to learn to make my own fire from two sticks, jus' like boy scouts do! Who wants to teach me?
If you know some tips or methods of starting fires for heat (or keeping them burning) I would love to hear it. Also, what do you consider to be the most eco & healthy way to heat your home during the winter?


Stephanie said...

Oooh, could you give me their number? I've been calling around and several places are out of firewood already!

Leslie wears organic clothing and plays in dirt said...

Hey Stephanie!

Here is a copy of their craigslist ad:
"all types of mixed hardwoods for sale. split stacked and delivered to wherever you want it . $75.00 for half cord truck load. call zach at 828 280 4008 for more info"


Blair said...

Nice job, Leslie.
That's how I would've done it, too.

Is that still the same kindling you gathered and so neatly stacked back in September?

Leslie wears organic clothing and plays in dirt said...

Hey Blair :)

Thanks! Yep- that is the kindling that I cut from apple trees, when we have a warm day here in 2 days or so I am going to do another round. The Guys who brought the wood actually said apple was great for starting the fire. Happy accident.

PS- kindling does not last very long when having to start fires alot! I probably need a calender of work days to get started on these things very early in the season.

Nova Scotian said...

You can burn dried cow and donkey poop :) It doesn't throw much light in a campfire, and doesn't smell when burnt. In a stove it will burn very hot, very slow.