Friday, October 9, 2009

Large Funny Bee (Hornet?)

A few days ago I was playing guitar (not well I promise) and this funny giant bee that looks like a clownish hornet came by and listened. It was hovering by the guitar riding the waves of vibration (all in E flat) - a very curious and unafraid insect! (See in the pic above I put little pink stars next to him so ya'll can see.)
I love it's boxy yet rounded eyes, they look like modern sculptures belonging in the MoMa in New York City- art critics would be droning on for hours about the 'organic' shapes. ;)
It also has a really bold, glassy body striped in black, yellow and brown - you can't miss one of these guys if you see it. Does anyone know what type of bee this is?


blair said...

OMG .. you DO play!

blair said...

PS: that looks like E minor. :-)

Liberty said...

i think it's a hover fly... how appropriate eh? :-)
as far as I know they don't sting - are not actually bees.
I think they are good for natural pest control of aphids!
I'm so jealous of your SUNshine!

Leslie wears organic clothing and plays in dirt said...

Hey Blair -
I bet it is E minor, I dont have a clue - all i learned to play when i was 15 was I Am The Walrus, and House Of The Rising Sun.

Liberty -
Hover Fly! It totally does hover, it just sits there in the air in one spot like a helicopter checking stuff out - i thought it might not bite, since it's landed on me bunches of times.
PS- I think you are going to like a project I am posting tomorrow...i made my own paper from junk mail! woo!

Bob said...

We call them news bees....He has come to bring you news...Hope you were listening..

Leslie wears organic clothing and plays in dirt said...

I was listening, and I made some decisions. :)

John said...

Might be some sort of 'wood wasp', attracked to the smell of the guitar wood.