Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Jumping Spiders! (Hairy Brown and Black w/ Blue Teeth)

Meet Miss Martha... she once dated Texas (the most handsome jumping spider eva'), but they had to break up & she kicked him out because he was just too wild for her! She couldn't handle all his showing off, she's extremely shy. She can also be a bit crabby and no fun... I chased Martha in literal circles around a piece of bamboo for gawd knows how long, she would turn her face away from the camera - no pictures please!
Living right next door on some dieing wild flowers was her cousin Clyde. He is in love with Martha, but since they are first cousins and all she is against them dating muchless gettin' married. Even if he has those amazing flashy blue teeth and proposes so sweetly!!!
Clyde rocks out wit' his socks out- he's a survivalist, he doesn't need sturdy bamboo to make a good web, he'll take a home where he can get it. He also has good camouflage in his tiny hairy blackness, he fits nicely into just about any shadow. Did I mention he has blue fangs? He wants everyone to know they are NOT buck teeth. ;)
So, who do you love most...Martha, Clyde or Texas?



Erik said...

Ooooh, blue fangs. He's been digging into the Haloween candy early.

Leslie wears organic clothing and plays in dirt said...

Erik! I hope ya ain't saying his teeth look rotten. Cause then you will have Clyde and Texas on yo ass. ;)
Isn't it so awesome though- i can't stop staring at the picture!