Friday, September 12, 2008

Preggers Praying Mantis

Meet Ms. Goopy (alter ego Ms. Switchblade), the 6 inch long pregnant female praying mantis chillin' on my porch. She caught my attention because besides being really huge, she had her swollen abdomen turned out with her wings exposed and was gooping some sort of stuff that an ant was happily eating off of her.

I was a little worried that this was an injury and not some egg laying goop, does anyone know for sure? Majestic non the less.
Here is a close up of the beautiful wing display, which I have never seen a praying mantis do before... in fact I am not sure I have even seen them fly much.
Yay for bugs!

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The Oko Box said...

Update on Ms. Goopy!!!

She layed an egg sack right where she had been posing for the photo shoot. :)
Praying Mantis egg sacks are frothy and tan colored...and have a similar texture as blown insullation.