Sunday, September 14, 2008

Eco Crochet With Natural Fiber Yarn

Yesterday I rode my bike to the local Yarn shop called Purl's to get some eco fiber yarns to crochet with. I am crocheting some cool + wacky leg warmers and other goodies for The Oko Box and wanted to use not only locally purchased but natural fiber yarn. I found a pretty good selection of alpaca, merino & organic wool, organic cotton, Llama, silk and bamboo fibers. I was wishing they carried the banana fiber yarn since it is soooo silky smooth and shiny but the owner said she doesn't like the quality (pulls apart too easy & not consistent).
This is a picture of the organic wool rack which had a really awesome color selection but was rather pricey depending on what your project is... each roll ran between $7.50 and $13.50 a piece. I bought some bright red organic wool, and also some merino wool silk blend that didn't go quite as far as I hoped for my project, it's puffy nature was deceiving. (And of course I don't know what all those numbers mean on the tag that tell you exactly how much you are buying ;) ...)
Oh but look at her cute little doggy in the window! ruff ruff!
Would be awesome if natural fibers were more in demand enough to bring down the price- so all you eco crafters get out there and start buying these yarns!!!


Colleen said...

good yarn is so expensivo. i made a big ball of "plarn" out of plastic bags but am stumped as to what to make with it that won't be hopelessly ugly.

The Oko Box said...

Cool! Was the plarn hard to make?
There might be some crafting ideas over at as to what you can do with plarn... i remember there being posts about it. Certainly plarn legwarmers would be too sweaty ;) - only functional pieces would fly i guess, like turning it back into a bag!