Thursday, September 18, 2008

Grow A Fruit or Nut Tree

I confess that I have a bit of a seed saving obsession. Everytime I find seeds inside my organic fruits and veggies I feel like I struck gold...possibly this is some deep biological farmer instinct, maybe it's in my DNA, or most likely it's from reading lots of self sustained farming books. I love growing trees from seeds I save from my fruit and nuts- this little proud guy pictured here is a apple tree! I have planted bunches of trees everywhere I lived, cherries, pecans, peaches and a variety of apples. It's totally organic & easy to do: When you eat an apple, just pop out the seed and stick it in some dirt, keep the dirt moist & thinly mulched...and wait for the joy of your tree seedling to pop out! If you want to try a peach seed, then soak the hard hull in some water for a day then crack open with a nutcracker and plant the almond shaped seed loosely under the dirt. For nut trees, just stick some nuts in their shell down in the dirt (pine nuts and pecans grow really easily).
These are my favorite to plant because I know they will be giving back and feeding people later on. :)


Nicky Appleseed said...

It's great that you have that obsession. Most people would toss out those seeds but you nurture them and help to sustain them until they grow into a tree or plant that creates more nourishment and life! Pretty awesome.

Lou Cheese said...

I've always wondered why people don't do it more often. Plus, it just gave me an idea-guerilla seeding. Seed abandoned lots, your neighbor's yard, or public parks in places where it's not likely they'll get mowed over. I hope my neighbors like jalepenos!

The Oko Box said...

Thanks Nicky! That is sweet.

Lou Cheese - that is such a good idea, i totally love to plant stuff everywhere and spread wildflower seeds along roadsides when I am walking by. I saw an awesome video on Earth First about "seed bombing" into empty abandoned lots, by rolling the seeds in clay and then throwing the seed bombs over fences. :)
I bet your neighbors will be makin' salsa!