Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chemical Sensitivities And Giggles

If you are one of the many people who have Mutple Chemical Sensitivities you may not find it a laughing matter. You may be downright depressed and isolated... but if you are reading this you are also one of the lucky ones strong enough to tolerate being on a computer! That means you can have support, giggles, and good information at your finger tips - and that will improve the feeling of 'being crazy' that much more. That's why I love the new blog "Living With Chemical Sensitivities" by Lou Cheese. Lou's story brings uncensored humor & graphic accounts of his experience of going from a hard body weight lifter, to suddenly crashing out with MCS.
"I was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (also called Environmental Illness and Chemical Injury) in December of 2007. Basically, my health is fine as long as I don't breathe, eat, or touch anything inorganic. My respiratory system is by far the most sensitive to pollutants, and I generally cannot leave the apartment without a respirator. I have created several coping strategies allowing me to continue with work and occasionally venture out into the realm of the sprayers (people who wear perfume or cologne), although prolonged exposure to and any type of physical contact with sprayers is extremely limited."
Many customers of The Oko Box have issues with chemicals and I am happy to provide them with eco clothing that is more easily tolerated and is stored in a chemical free environment. I do this because I am one of many people who have become the canary in the mine, for the pollution we are causing on earth. Now go check out Lou's hysterical and off the hook blog about his life with MCS !!!


Susie said...

Lou's blog is great! Not only is he a stitch, but he also shares practical knowledge of value to people with chemical sensitivity: how to build an air filter, how to manage masks and respirators, how to persevere, how to cope. His blog is entertaining as all heck, and full of useful info!

The Oko Box said...


It is true- Lou Cheese has some bad ass creative DIY stuff going on there too, I cant' believe I forgot to mention! His air filter for $60 was totally impressive.
Go Lou !!!

danielthomas said...

Strategies for making your home a safer, less chemical heavy environment for your chemically sensitive child. Simple tips for reducing chemicals in the home. Chemical Sensitivity