Tuesday, September 9, 2008

DIY: What You Can Make With A Necktie, Pringles Can & Light Bulb

Everytime I see something I want I think about how I can make it myself- cheaply, easily, and with materials already laying around (or at the thrift). This morning I found three awesome DIY projects to share out of some ordinary household items that typically get tossed.

I am totally in love with the idea of making a necktie bracelet especially after having lusted after so many rad patterned ties at the thrift store, and trying to get all my boyfriends to please please wear the groovy things. Now I can wear them myself :) ... if you feel too lazy to make something like this you can buy it for under $10 at Narwhal Co.
Now here's a DIY project that will blow any savvy photographer's mind! A step by step tutorial on how to make your very own cheap (or free) macro lens using a pringles canister... and the results are totally awesome (see his sample pics at the end of the post.) I want to be his BFF photo friend!
This DIY lightbulb project is too adorable to be true!!! The easy 1-2-3 instructions are over at Design Sprout, where you can even learn how to turn the lightbulbs into salt -n- peppa shakers with screw on soda bottle caps. Makes me wish I had a pile of lightbulbs saved up in a cabinet somewhere.
If you do any of these projects write in and send pics/links/and the story!


Innovative Nick said...

Awesome! I would now like to see a project involving a necktie, pringles can, and light bulb all together. A necktingles bulb lamp perhaps?

jolene said...

Oh my gosh, the lightbulbs ARE adorable...speaking of do it yourself...just this past weekend I was at a friends admiring her leather inset coffee and end tables...she laughed because I had so easily been deceived. She bought to dark wood beaten up tables at yard sale. Had some thin board, i don't know what you call it but about the same material that clipboards are made. Went to Walmart and bought brown textured vinyl fabric. Sprayed the boards with adhesive, spread fabric over and tucked under, then adhered boards to top of tables with decorative antique brass brads...like upholstery nails...also bought at walmart. I wish I had a picture...they were great...and no need for coasters!!!

Melissa @ Mountains of the Moon said...

I love this! I am one of the Chicago designers who has to design a couture dress using candy wrappers for Sweet Chic, part of Chicago's Fashion Week, and although it's been stressing me out to no end ;), it's also been forcing me to see art in things that most would see as useless or disposable. It's amazing how our society is taught to use something once and get rid of it, when a little creativy and motivation can make you find interesting ways to make virtually anything into something else!

The Oko Box said...

Nick- You should make one!

Jolene - I love the lightbulbs too, and her project sounds awesome- except walmart was born from the bowels of hell.. he he...

Oh my GAWD! I can not wait to see what you design! Please take pics of your success & failures and send them to me- i would love to do a blog post here, and interview you about it! (did, i say please?)... please please!