Tuesday, September 16, 2008

MCCain Likes Overpopulation & Avoiding Questions


The Oko Box said...

I really dont like politics for this exact reason ... when someone asks an important question the answers are so canned they don't even address the real question at hand.
I saw this video over on Earth First, whom also said it didn't pertain directly to environmental issues, but does in my opinion when you bring up Roe VS Wade...
over population much Mr. McCain?

Politnicks said...

Personally I agree with everything Mr. McCain stands for. I definitely believe in seperation of church and state but believe that your faith should guide you in politics.

I agree that people have the freedom to make their own choices but Roe vs. Wade was a bad decision.

I would gladly support any decision to benefit the wealthy in our country. It's a shame about the impoverished, I'd never forget about them.

I think war is horrible and never by any means should have to take place, unless it is justifiable.

It's great to finally have a politician that is running for presidency that gives honest and clear answers.

God bless you John and God bless America!

The Oko Box said...

Politnicks -
Your sarcasm is too good. :) lol

Gideon said...

If you do not like politics and it doesn't pertain to your focus, then you should not alienate those who may take offense. Your opinion, McCain danced around question. My opinion, he handled himself the way any politician would, even your legalized murder supporting candidate Barack Obama - http://thedirtyonion.com/?p=36 .

The Oko Box said...

Gideon -
What you call "legalized murder" saved my life. Had abortion not been available in the year 2005 I would have died- I have celiac Sprue and other complications due to autoimmune disease and became pregnant with a baby I was really excited about. But then I became deathly ill, losing 2 lbs a day, not able to eat any food at all, blacking out, and unable to even walk anymore. I called every doctor in town who would NOT take my case due to "high risk" factors they didn't want to be involved in. The emergancy room sent me home since i could still drink small amounts of water, and made me an appointment with the "high risk clinic" who could not see me for almost another month- which I would not have lived to see. I weighed 77 lbs by that time, and luckily I made it to the Abortion Clinic for an emergancy abortion that saved my life.
I would like to say that the clinic is full of women who's lives need to be saved on many different levels - from domestic violence that threatens their lives, to rape and prostitution- teens who were not taught about sex or given condoms, women who's partner leaves them and they have no money.... etc....
It goes on and on- and when it comes down to it pro life or pro choice, we are ALL working towards non violence.
And I think that we should not judge someone else's situation, but use judgement in our own lives as to what is the greater good.
Calling it "legalized murder" is just as canned an answer as Mc Cain gave on the view.