Monday, September 15, 2008

Eco Birthday Wish List

My 31st Birthday is coming October 5th and this morning I was making an eco birthday wish list in my head, which I decided to share so that ya'll can partake in these cool discoveries too! Strange but true, even though I own an eco fashion store I rarely ever buy anything for myself and don't have even 1/10 of the amount of clothes & undies as most people (men and women alike). I am a reluctant shopper... but here goes my eco gift discoveries:

1. Hot Organic Skinny Jeans! - These are not so easy to find since organic cotton is already so rare, but also the skinny jean style is totally on it's way out the door. I still love it, especially in this purple color by Good Society which are just like the ones I had in 8th grade except without the zipper sides. They don't really have my size in the dreamy unicorn purple (I wear a 24/25 and the smallest they have is a 26, although I would sport them anyway.) So, my slightly more realistic wish is for these blue ones in dark vintage.

2. Eco Panties! - This is something I can never have enough of! I have mostly American Apparel panties and a few Blue Canoe organic briefs, but the AA ones don't seem to last longer then a year before stretching out and being...well not too cute or even functional anymore. I found these perfect bamboo panties over at Bo Belly on etsy! They are affordable, simple, sexy and in sultry colors. Another fab etsy store with eco skivvies too is Louella Bloom - with perfect cami's and nighties that are in colors like black & magenta...a sort of dreamy unicorn magenta. :)

Then check out this vintage looking set by Brooke There, too cute to be true and made with soy & organic cotton! (You can get it with black trim instead of white depending on what look you are going for.)

...While keeping with this theme, I wouldn't mind having a pair of Urban Fox's eco thigh high stockings too (but those are a bit pricey even for a birthday)! They are so awesome though, don't you agree? But for the less expensive not eco fiber version go to American Apperal (pictured here), suuuuuper sexy warm wintery socks.

3. Another 'wife beater' tank! - I wear tank tops like crazy, I LIVE in them, I stretch them out like a cheap pair of AA undies... and I have been sweet on this "dig deeper" SKIN ON SKIN tank for almost a year now. This shop donates to charity, supports equality of all people, and uses organic cotton to make these hardcore sexy tanks. (If you happen to be gay, lez, or bi this shop has some really sexy slogan tanks perfect for you!)

...So now I realize I just want the affordable basics that will function for years in my life... well except for this really expensive fabulous beautiful fair trade winter coat in PURPLE!

YAY ... share your eco wish list in the comments, whether your birthday is coming or not :)


Colleen said...

Ah, the stretch jeans with the zipper at the ankle. I am still not over my best holey pair getting "accidentally" destroyed in the wash.

The Oko Box said...

Oh my gawd...
was it murder by a mom ??? I would have died. I wore my purple zipper pair with a purple shirt that had an explanation mark in black on the front, and sported the outfit with black flats that had bows on the front!

The Oko Box said...
Here are some natural fiber low impact dye thigh highs in blue or black at Nimili!!! Found these gems after finishing my wish list of course.