Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nature Calls

There is a wooded area downtown Asheville NC just a few blocks from my house that I really enjoy biking and walking in. It breaks my heart a little because I miss living out in the majestic boonies of Madison County in the tiny converted tobacco shed/house. (Note to Universe: Would like to get back to living in the woods ASAP...Thanks!)
Rotten trees make beautiful monuments and a snug home for a gazillion bugs & critters.

Wonder who lives in that hole!?!

That is my bike "The Cajun Knuckle" resting with the trees...

This bunny very patiently waited till I was finished taking a few pics of him before hopping along and chewing some leaves.
Do you prefer the city life or roughing it out in the woods- and why?

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Nick the hick said...

The woods is goods.