Sunday, March 22, 2009

Used 80's Pumps, A Gift From Sought Vintage

I love purple - it is my most favorite color in all existence and it is very rare you find anything made in the true shade of purple these vintage 80's pumps are! These were sent to me by my very good friend who owns the cute, funky, fabulous shop SOUGHT VINTAGE on etsy. The condition is flawless, the size is perfect, and now I finally have myself some purp shoes to go with the only purp shirt and belt I've been able to find. Yay!

PS - This is the same awesome friend 'Sandy' who raised the question of whether any of us would F president Obama (which seemed to be a unanimous 'yes, if he was single', showing the upmost respect for our beloved eco pioneering prez).


.·:*¨¨*:·.gm.·:*¨¨*:·. said...

They are so cute and sexy on you! I am so glad you love em!

The Oko Box said...

gm -
I do love them, thanks for sending them in the package! I feel like a supa' star :) Your store is really awesome!

Anonymous said...

They are in such good condition! Beautiful color. To die for. I love how you wear socks with pumps.

The Oko Box said...

Hey Susie!
I am socks obsessed, i wear flip flops with socks

linda said...

They look just like a pair I used to have (in the 80's)!

I'm thrilled for you
: )