Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Reason #162 Why I Belong In The Woods

Cause that is where I am packed and ready to go! Time for some rural living...
What's your dream place to live? Describe it in detail!


Liberty said...

My dream place to live is also in the woods :)

In a little straw bale house that has solar power, geothermal heat, passive solar etc etc. With a gazillion gardens, greenhouses (maybe a treehouse?) etc etc. Big dreams that feel so real that I believe it will happen one day! Barring that, I'd just like to live ANYwhere in the country :)

I'm so envious of your trip but also SO so happy and excited for you! I love your appreciation for nature... just yesterday I found your old post of the amazing stick buggy guy! wow that was so cool!
Your fellow nature nerd ;-)

The Oko Box said...

oooh Liberty, that sounds so awesome! gardens are the biggest deal for me & fresh air...
I am so glad you saw that crazy wild stick-ish bug- have you ever seen anything like that guy? I havent.
Nature nerds unite!

Meg said...

I am so happy for you! I hope your new house is perfect!

My dream place would be a completely MCS safe straw or poplar log home, in a clearing in the woods, with a large veggie/fruit garden, lots of flowers, huge aviaries for my parrots, and if I am really lucky, a stream or similiar nearby (if not, I might look into making a water garden, I just love frogs!) Along with solar power, solar water heaters, LED lights, the lovely clothes washer you reviewed, and everything else amazing and green!

Meg said...

Oh, I just saw your post about where you used to live, and it sounds amazing!!!!!! Now if only I could find a place like that. I am looking right now, I need to find someplace soon, as this house is really killing me.

And you are really making me jealous talking about the NC mountains, it is soo lovely there! I was born in the Va mountains, though, and they are very nice, too.

The Oko Box said...

Meg - that sound like where I am... listening to the frogs now that I have arrived in Big Sandy Mush NC, as of last night!
Fresh air rocks :)