Saturday, March 21, 2009

Goodbye King George

Meet King George - he is kind of a loner bad boy ground hog who ate all my soy beans plants last year. Since I am moving away from here within a week I am starting to say a few goodbyes to the regulars I became accustom to. Me and King George have had a love hate relationship, being that I respect his fabulous beaver look sans paddle tail & his native right to be here... but my gawd when he ate my gardens I just wanted to punt his ass. How can ya punt something so cute though, he looks like the New Orleans native rat, the Nutria! That makes me all warm and fuzzy inside & miss home... so good luck King George, may some nice guy with a cage capture you and bring you out to the Blue Ridge Parkway and out of this crowded city. Smooches!



Mokihana and Pete said...

You are a peach, Leslie. Of course, you would need to spend time and picture energy on the critters. Thanks for the look at the hog ... I love him.

We're starting to clean up the place, too. Saying good byes are salty sweet ... it's the positive vibes though that give me energy and I gotta remind myself, this time I am not fleeing to 'nowhere.' Hasta luego! Mokihana

Anonymous said...

It's so sweet that you didn't hurt or trap him just b/c he ate your food. You get a lot of merit for that.

I'm so happy that you and Mokihana are moving on to safer places that better suit your souls (and your lungs!).