Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pretty Things Outside

Here are some pictures I took today of some neat nature moments behind my house...
#1. Pinkish tree roots exposed from being on the edge of a stream/run off.
#2. Black Walnuts surrounded by chickweed.
#3. Old moss covered cinder blocks that toppled over making the shape of a tombstone.
#4. Tree branches hugging each other.
#5. My kitty Toots belonging on Cute Overload for being such an adorable watch cat!
Did I mention nature rocks!?!?


Susie Collins said...

I love the braided tree branches. But Toots is the prettiest!! And such 'tude.

The Oko Box said...

Toots totally has tons of attitude- I dont know where she gets it from ;)

Ruth R. said...

Pretty, Earthy, texture-full photos it! Your cat looks like she's having a stalking good time!!! Cats are soooo cool!!!!

The Oko Box said...

Thanks Ruth - I take it as a high compliment since your phtots are always so perfect and beautiful!
Toots IS having a good time, she is always happy :) I love love love her!