Friday, January 2, 2009

DIY: Make Your Jeans Fit Again

Recently I gained some weight - and this is a good thing because all my life I have been under 100 lbs (due to health problems & cajun genetics). As happy as I am to be putting on some baggage I can not fit into any of my favorite organic jeans anymore, and don't have the money to invest in a new pair of denim. So this is my eco friendly solution on how to keep my favorite jeans that I got a little too big for!
First you will want to measure your hips and then the hip of the jeans to compare inches - that way you can figure out how much fabric to add into the sides.
Cut open the waist down a few inches on each side, in order to make an opening for the fabric.
Measure your fabric scraps and cut them out - mine were 2 inches wide and 4 inches long. You'll want to sew the scrap pieces into the open slits, which will most likely make a "V" shape.
I used a very tight zig zag stitch and organic cotton scrap fabric that had a little stretch to it- that way I still have room to grow!As you can tell I love the hell out of my Loomstate organic jeans - they have holes, they are dirty, and maybe they look worse then worn out but these are my most favorite pair and I am sooooooo happy I saved them! Now onto my organic black skinny jeans... YAY!

Watch the DIY video for this blog post HERE, with more pictures and description! (Music by Lykke Li)


See it HERE on You Tube!



Susie Collins said...

Super cute (and so practical, so eco). And you wear that extra 10 lbs very well, too!

The Oko Box said...

Thanks Susie!
it might be a little more the 10 lbs, but who's counting? All I need to know is fits/doesnt fit :)
I think repairing clothes is definitely the most eco solution.

Melissa @ Mountains of the Moon said...

This is great Leslie!

The Oko Box said...

Thanks Melissa - I take that as a high compliment from one of my favorite eco designers!!!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the final look of those jeans: the holes, the dirtiness (I HATE HATE HATE clean jeans!!!), and just the overall "messy" look of them! Great job!