Tuesday, January 20, 2009

7 Great Eco Valentines Gifts

To be perfectly honest the only person I ever really celebrated Valentines with was my mom, somehow early on I started a tradition of exchanging gifts with her because I knew that boyfriends would come and go. I love the idea of a holiday set aside for just for love, but the valentines consumerism has taken this heart filled day and manufactured it into a pesticide cut flower, polyester stuffed animal, and land raping chocolate giving frenzy. If that sounds a little hardcore, it's because in reality it is.
That is why is is essential to start buying green during days of celebration cause being sweet on the planet as much as your sweetie, is just... well hot!

Eco Valentines Gifts For Those You <3

1. Organic & Eco Lingerie - Once a tricky endeavour to actually find something saucy and eco all in one- now the problem will be which hot outfit to choose! Unbelievably playful eco designs from Enamore, Clare Bare, & On The Inside makes these smoken' gifts that will keep on giving back to you, I promise. From the simple lace trimmed cami top to the luxurious chemise, or racy pantie with naughty eye mask set - in sizes XS- XL with prices ranging from affordable to 'oh my gawd I just broke that bank'. Some designers make these items to your order, so you can discuss your special sizing requests!

2. Soy Massage Candle - Here is a candle that not only sets the mood with romantic lighting but also as it heats up and burns it turns into soy oil for massaging! An unscented version can be bought here at The Oko Box . "By using soy wax, you don't have the toxins you get by burning typical candles (you know the black junk that comes off of them) and you don't have the lead wick burning in your home that 99% of the candles use. The wood wick sets the mood with a gentle crackle while the melting wax transforms into warm massage oil, that can be lathered safely on your skin."
There are also soy wax massage candles that are scented from Babeland, which you can get here! "The melting wax, made of gentle, skin-safe soy, transforms into a warm, deliciously scented massage oil. Blow out the flame, drizzle the warm oil on your lover's body, and unwind with a massage as good for the body as it is for the soul." Comes in Chocolate Hazelnut, Mango Vanilla, Mojito Peppermint, Rice Flower, & Jasmine Ginger.

3. Eco Sexy Adult Gift Sets - Feeling like Valentines is a good time to experiment and get frisky? (You are probably on the right track!) Babeland has a growing selection of eco minded adult toys and kits made just for those who want to get an their earth friendly freak on. Gift sets run between $59 - $130 "Great sex just got greener, thanks to the planet-, body-, and orgasm-friendly contents of our Eco-Delight Kit. Make ‘conscience’ pleasure yours: slide onto the non-toxic, rechargeable deluxe Delight vibrator, get wet with organic flower-infused Naked Lube, indulge with a soy-based melting wax Massage Candle, and sheathe yourself in silky, vegan Mamba latex condoms (made by a Swedish non-profit). Even the packaging is good to Mother Earth—just plant the recycled paper studded with wild flower seeds and watch your pleasure blossom". Go to Babeland and put "eco" or "elastomer" in the search box for a full range of safe choices.

4. Flowers That Grow - I know traditionally that cut flowers are given, but those store bought bouquets are dowsed in pesticides and chems to make them bug free and long lasting. While I can be woo'ed with a handful of wildflowers from a field, there is something much more amazing about the gift of something you can plant and cultivate. A good metaphor for the reality of love! There is a funtastic and sultry selection of trees and bonsai at Organic Bouquet ranging from flowers & herbs to yummy edible fruit trees. You can also try your local organic farmers and nurseries for affordable & ultra eco choices.

5. Organic Cut Flowers - For those of you who love traditional romance and plan to show up with a big bouquet of flowers to go with that sexy organic lingerie, you can order organic cut flowers online here at Organic Bouquet or check out your local organic nurseries for the freshest selection.

6. Feed The Soul & Belly - It's not only about chocolate! Feed your lover's soul too by sharing organic fruits, romantic organic meals, or try the Lovers Gift Set from Diamond Organics. "Plump, sweet, hand-selected fruit, award-winning artisan cheese, a sourdough baguette, organic wine or sparkling juice, silky body lotion and 1/4 lb of fine organic European chocolate truffles all conspire to let your special someone know how much you care."

7. Something For Ya' Mama - Organic Clothing!!! Or peruse Viva Terra's ecological gift selection including home decor, robes, jewelry and beautiful pottery- perfect for anyone's mom!



Liberty said...

great ideas!

although it's not in my budget right now, I'd love to know the exact ingredients in the soy massage candle (unscented). I got a soy candle and it definitely is not soft enough to massage with! I'm wondering what they use to make it soft enough. I'd never seen a wood wick before. Very neat!

The Oko Box said...

Hey Liberty!
The unscented candle is pretty large and is 100% soy wax and no other ingredients are in it. :)
The wax is really hard like a regular candle until it heats up, for some scientic reason I don't know, it turns to warm oil when it melts...