Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hot Organic Skivvies from Clare Bare

Clare Bare f-en rocks! That is as best I can say it, because every design she cranks out covers all the bases that hot comfy lingerie should. Elegant (check), Retro (check), Flattering (check), and Super Organic Handmade Goodness (check)!!!
First she blew us away with her affordable & adorable knickers, then topped herself with the punk rock & ultra sexy holiday sets (they include naughty eye masks!)... but her Valentines collection now available here is sweet as apple pie. :)

Check out the new organic bralette, her original organic bloomers design, and the upgraded organic bloomers with cute little fuzzy hearts on the back to accentuate each cheek.
I am in love...

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Nick likes said...

Holy hotness. You aren't the only one!