Monday, January 26, 2009

Gluten Free Sushi Rolls

This is a quick, easy and completely void of any sushi making equipment recipe - I have loved sushi since I moved to Manhattan back in 1998 & discovered it at one of the many delicious vegan eateries throughout the island. I was so addicted to it that I'd show up at Fairway weekly for the goods made by the "sushi boy" (cute boy who's too young and makes one sushi and gives one free endamame beans from his pocket cause they have crush on each other). Ehem, anyway... here is what you need to make your own simple sushi rolls:
*cooked brown rice
*veggies (like avocado, carrots, cucumbers etc...)
*salmon (cooked) or tofu
*ume vinegar or grain free soy sauce (for dipping)
*nori seaweed (unroasted if you don't mind roasting it yourself!)

FIRST: Roast your nori seaweed over your burner till it turns brighter green and crispy, then lay it flat and place a strip if rice on a far end. SECOND: Layer your thinly sliced veggies. I lightly steamed my carrots to make them easier to digest, but you can use them raw too- which is especially good in the summer. :)
THIRD: On top of the veggies layer your protein of choice. The cooked salmon is really good, but for those who are vegetarian tofu and tempeh work awesome too.( Tofu is my favorite kind of sushi!)
I always over stuff my sushi rolls (sushi burrito?), so if you want a tighter roll just add a little less of each layer to control the size of the roll when your done. I am sorry to say, but this pic below of the roll (below) before it's cut into circles kind of grosses me out... remember the part in Caddy Shack when the little girl screams "Doodie, Doodie!!!" about the candy bar in the pool?!?
Ok... so moving right along, LAST: You'll want to have some water ready to roll the sushi tight and make the seaweed stick together properly. I used lemon juice and water for flavor, rubbing it evenly all over the roasted nori. Then once it's done like in the pic above, take a sharp knife and cut one inch sushi rolls (as shown below).
Sushi is best paired with a salty flavor for dipping it in grain free soy sauce or ume vinegar. An extra squeeze of lemon will give it some yummy kick too!


Nicki Roll said...

That looks way better and professional than I envisioned even. I'm hungry now! Will you pleeeeease make some for/with me if I order tofu???

The Oko Box said...

yeah! Tofu is my favorite kind- although i have to say the salmon rocked more then i thought it would- that was my first time having fish in my sushi. I always have had the veggie rolls.

Lou Cheese said...

Is wasabi gluten free? I love that stuff on sushi.

I'm surprised you didn't make your own sushi roller. Is there anything you don't do?

The Oko Box said...

Lou Cheese... Good idea! I will have to look at some sushi rollers and figure out how to make one. Thanks!
I have never found gluten free wasabi but i think it's ingredients are naturally gluten free (but maybe not safe for Celiacs). I used to like putting the tiniest dab on mine, and dip them in ridiculous amounts of soy sauce. mmmmmm.

linda said...

I love that you have organic Nori!

I haven't found any here and they all have those chemical packets to keep the stuff dry.

I never used a rolling device, just did it by hand. Almost always turned out fine.

And wasabi, is there any organic wasabi powder out there? I miss my wasabi.

Melissa @ Mountains of the Moon said...